Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


25. Friends With Benefits

A/N im pissed! the fricking SME people on youtube took down Rock Me and that was my favorite song!

Emily's POV:

"Morning." I said back and smiled. He put music on on his phone and it was "Rock Me" by the guys. "YES!" We both exclaimed in unison. I took out my camera and took pictures of him dancing. When the chorus came on, he ran into the ocean and sang on the top of his lungs. Well, more like screamed on the top of his lungs. I took pictures of him and the ocean and then he knocked that camera out of my hand and pulled my into the ocean. "R-O-C-K ME AGAIN!" He screamed. I laughed so hard that I went under water!

Liam's POV:

We spent so much time in the ocean and we went out pretty far. Emily wasn't paying attention and a huge wave knocked her over. I couldn't see her and I got really scared. It was super early so no one was there, not even the life guards. "EMILY!" I yelled. Then, I saw something in the water. I ran over to it and it was Emily and her eyes were closed. I picked her up bridal style and brought her onto the beach. I layed her down on the blanket and felt her heart. Blank. I gave her mouth to mouth and gave her CPR. Nothing. I gave her mouth to mouth again and CPR while I said, "Please, Emily, please. I love you." I cried. I felt her heart nothing. Again I tried both and then she started to cough and water came out of her mouth. I hugged her and said, "I thought I lost you." I was still crying and she said, "Liam you'll never loose me. Ever."

It was 2 pm when we got in the car and started to drive home. Emily was looking at all the pictures we took and she said she would show me when we get back to the house. We got out of the car and everybody else's cars were still here. They have been here ever since Niall died. We walked into the house and everyone's faces light up as we walked threw the door. "LIAM! EMILY!" They all exclaimed. "Mommy! Daddy!" Same said, running up to Emily. Emily picked her up and she said, "Hey baby girl." "Where the fuck have you guys been!?" Perrie yelled. Emily and I just looked and smiled at each other. "Places." I said while walking up stairs. Emily was close behind and I grabbed onto her hand. "Mommy, I'm tired." Sam said. "Nap time?" I asked Emily. She nodded and said, "I believe this is where you come in handy." She handed me the baby and I rubbed her back while singing her a lullaby. She fell asleep instantly as always and I put her down in her crib. "Nap time for us too." I said watching Emily yawn. "I agree." She said after another yawn. 

Emily's POV:

We walked up to our room hand in hand and he layed me down on the bed. He took off his yet pants and out them on the floor. "Brb gurl!" He said in a girly voice, running to the bathroom. I laughed and Took off my soaking wet close and into nice and dry ones. Liam came back in with his usual no shirt but boxers thing and layed down next to me. "Em, I know your not ready for a relationship so I'm going to ask you this- do you think we could be friends with benefits?" He asked me. If you didn't know, that meant friends that could hug and kiss and stuff like that. "I'd like that." I said as he rubbed my back and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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