Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


5. Escaped

Emily's POV:

I woke up with my arms handcuffed to a bed.....and all my clothes off. Did Rick.......rape me? I looked at my body and there bruises all over my body. I shivered in disgust. My own dad..........raped me. I slowly slipped my hands on of the handcuffs and got up when I felt a pain in my head. I felt it and there was a huge bump. He must of hit me with the bat. My clothes were in the corner of the room so I quickly and quietly slipped them on. I pried the window open and quickly ran out. "EMILY!!" I heard Rick call, which only made me run faster. I knew what part of the woods I was at- I knew how to get to the Carrot Kingdom from here. 

I quickly ran inside, hoping that Lou or Niall would be there, but with my luck, nothing. I sat on the bed when I remembered, I have a phone! I took it out of my pocket and dialed Niall's number, but in the *67 way, because I didn't want everyone else listening. "Hello?" Niall answered. "Niall, don't freak out or tell anyone but it's Emily." "Em?!" "SH! Don't yell! I need your help, but only you, Lou, and El's help. Meet me at the Carrot Kingdom." "Ok, we'll be right over." 

They were over in abut 2 minutes. Niall and well, all of them had tear stains on their cheeks. When I saw Niall, I started crying. "Babe, where were you? What happened?" I asked. Everyone sat on the bed and waited for my response. "Jessica and her friend Kayla took me," I said in between cry's. Niall mumbled something, but I couldn't hear it. "But, they brought me to Rick," I finally said. When I said that, Niall's hands turned into fists. Louis got up and punched the wall. "Where the fuck is he!?" Niall yelled. I winced in pain. The yelling hurt my bumped head. "Babe, what's wrong?" Niall asked. "When they brought me over to Rick, he hit me in the head with a bat and then I blacked out." Lou was about to say something when I interpreted him. "And when I woke up...." I couldn't say the rest because I started crying. "What happened Carrot Queen?" Lou asked rubbing my back. "I woke up handcuffed to a bed, and I was naked and bruised everywhere." I whispered. I cried even more. "Honey," El said rubbing my back. "HE FUCKING RAPPED YOU?" Niall screamed. "HES FUCKING DEAD!" Louis screamed. I cried into Eleanor's chest while she rubbed my back and the boys were coming up with a plan to defeat Rick. 




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