Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


15. Daddy!

Louis's POV:

"Louis, where are we going?" Niall asked me. "And who was on the phone?" El asked. "Ok, well we are going to Phoenix Arizona." I told them while driving. "Why? And what about the other question?" Niall asked. "Because Emily was on the phone." I paused for their gasps. "She said she was in Phoenix Arizona and she ran to her dad who is actually a very nice guy and he tried to save her from Jared, he's getting beat, shes running away, and she had to hang up because she heard someone coming." I explained crying. "STEP ON IT THEN!" Niall screamed while crying. El just sat there crying. 

"3 tickets to the next flight to Phoenix, Arizona please," I said to the lady. "$4530 please." The lady told me. I grabbed the tickets and handed her the money. We ran onto the plane and waited til it came to a stop.

Emily's POV:

I woke up in a room with flickering lights. "Emily?" A voice asked. It was my dad. "Daddy?" I asked. "Thank God, your awake." He said. My hands were tied behind my back. Suddenly, I saw something sharp in the distance. It was a piece of broken glass. "Daddy, help me cut myself with the glass." I said. He grabbed it from behind his back and cut me out of the ropes. I cut him out and we ran as fast we could out of that place. I called Niall. "Hello? Babe, is that you?" He asked crying. "Hey Ni," I said. "Babe, we are coming now. We just landed." He told me. I just cried. "Babe, it's ok, I'll save you." "Hold on," I told him. "Daddy, can we meet Niall at the airport?" "Yeah, its just around the block." He said. "Babe, I'm going to meet you at the airport." I told him. "We just landed." "Okay, bye, love you." We ran to the airport and sat by London's terminal. "Emily!!!" I heard Niall call. I looked around until I found a boy with blond hair and blue eyes. I ran and jumped on him. We kissed and i said, "I'm sorry for what I said, that was all a lie. I love you and I hope you will take me and your baby back." I said. "Of course I will." He said. "Your what?" My dad asked from behind me. I got off of Niall and wiped away my tears and said, "Daddy, I'm pregnant." "That's great baby!" He said and hugged me. "I always knew this day was going to come." He whispered. "Awwww" Eleanor said. "Wait, are you sure that's your dad, or your twin?" Louis asked. We all laughed, you know the laugh while wiping away tears thing? Well that was basically it. Suddenly, a thought burst into my mind. Brett. 

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