Love Never Die's (sequel to Everything About Us)

sequel to Everything About Us


31. Chapter 31

Emily's POV:

I layed in bed that night just thinking about what happened today. The love of my life is alive but my other love is my boyfriend and it's just like 6th grade all over again! I got up and sneaked out of the house to my car and drove to the beach that Liam took my to a while back.

Niall's POV:

I saw Emily walk outside to her car so I decided to follow. I got into my car and followed hers to where ever she was going. The car stopped in the parking lot by the beach and she got out. I quietly followed her as she put on music. It was our old album, Take Me Home. The song, "Change My Mind came on first and then she layed down. I heard quiet sobs and the nothing. I looked over and she was sitting up. She stood up and ran into the ocean, but the sand bar part. She heard the song Rock Me come on and her smile instantly grew. "Do you remember summer 09' wanna go back there every night just can't lie was the best time of my life!" She sang and jumped into a wave. I laughed at her silliness and then she said, "Come on Niall! Sing with  me!" Did she know I was there? he ran out of the ocean and grabbed my hand. "I'm not that stupid you know! Now sing with me!" I laughed and sang the chorus with her. She pulled me into the water and took pictures of us. We sat and looked at the ocean for a little bit until she said, "So your going out with Prey?" "Yeah." I answered. She didn't answer she just sang, Little Things. I wanted her back so bad. I tilted her cheek towards me and she just looked at me. We leaned in and kissed, just like we used to. "I want you back." I whispered to her when the kiss finished. I felt a warm tear fall on my leg from her eye. I sang, They Don't Know About Us to her and she said, "Why do all these songs fit our situation!?" "I know anther song that does." I said and stood up and so did she. I started jumping and dancing stupidly while singing, "C'mon C'mon and dance with me baby!"

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