Is It Real??

Hannah always was a young and shy musicion! Until she met him!! He changed her life forever! But is it true love??


1. What a day!!

I woke up in the morning and it felt like every other normal day. I tool a shower straightened my hair put on my make up ate breakfast and headed to school! I was on the bus with my best friend Ashley and we were obsessing over one direction again! This time we were talking about the fact that Liam is following people again! The night before that we tweeted Liam over a million times asking him to follow us but he never did! Then we tried to play one direction on the bus but it was too loud! We were yelling at everyone to be quiet but they didn't listen! As we drive into school there was a limo parked outside my school and the driver was holding a card with my name on it!!! "Hannah Reiter"
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