The Ups And Downs

Hi I am Katy and I just moved form Alabama to Ireland and my neighbor is Niall Horan is there a lil romance or secrets who knows u have to read to find out!!xx


7. What just happend?

Katys P.O.V

I have been looking all day for a job and still nothing no one is hirirng and i dont like the jobs that r hiring. "I WANT I WANT BUT THATS CRAZY" my phone rang "Hello" "Hi is this Katy Blevins""Yes who is this" "no need for questions just meet me at nandos and 12:00 and dont bring any one" "wait what wh-" and i was cut off by the phone. Who was that then I got a txt saying "if u dont come u die." So I was being a blonde rite there and desided to go.

*20 min later*

Well its about to be 12 and I just got done geting ready I could've called the cops but no i was being a stupid blonde chick rite now and (btw i have blue eyes and blond hair). I went and grabbed my car keys cuz it takes me anout 15 minutes to get to nandos.

*15 min later*

i arived at nandos and there was a big black van waiting and i got out and the next thing i new i was hit in the head with a metal baseball bat and thrown into a van where another person was and then everything went black pitch black. After I woke up i could not remeber anything for a while then i rembered getting a weird call and coming to nandos the i was thrown into the back of a truck. "Hey Peeper look whos awake little miss still my futer boyfriend!!" "who r u? and where r u?" "i was the one who niall loved before u came around" "what r u talking about" "Oh I rember it like it was 2 weeks ago. I loved Niall but he did not no so one day i desided to plan a way to get him to love me and that was buy kidnapping him so I did he and the boys were at the mall and niall walked into the food court wich was empty and i had my dad and his friend grab him and stuff a bag over his head and bring him to me then i made love with him and kissed him and i trusted him i let his hands untied and then boom he ran away saying he had to get back to katy the one he loved." i just stood there in shock when she finieshed he really did love me and i loved him i just felt like punching that bitch in the face when she said she made love with him then kissed him.

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