The Ups And Downs

Hi I am Katy and I just moved form Alabama to Ireland and my neighbor is Niall Horan is there a lil romance or secrets who knows u have to read to find out!!xx


8. OMG

Nialls P.O.V

I havent heard from Katy in a couple of days so i disided to call her and no awnser then i left a meesege and then louis walked in "aww whats wrong Niller?" "im worrided about katy she has not talked to me in 2 or 3 days and she want awnser my txt or calls and she has not been at home ether" "ok well ill get liam and-""grrrr" louis was ineterupted by my stomach"man have u eatin anything to day" "no" "ok well u go and get something to eat" "ok just wait i want to come with yall"

Katy  P.O.V

"please if u r goin to keep me here please give me some food i have not eaten in 3 days and im starving" "fine Peeper get some crackers for this bitch" "can i have more water please" "fine stay rite here" soon as she left i untied my hands and called niall "hello" "hi niall i need u to come save me im at a abandoned hotel in the midle of the woods next to 3rd street" "ok we r heading there now" "ok bye" "hey katy" "yea" "I love you" and we hung up and he said he loved me he loved me OMG he said he loved me.

Nialls P.O.V

"liam do u remeber that old hotel a few months back u found and we started to hang out there but then it had a rattlesnake nest and then we never went back there agin" "yea y" "cuz i want to go there" "but niall we r looking for katy" "i no but just go there" "ok"when we got there i ran and saw the same black van wen i was kidnapped or should i say teennapped then i heard a screem and a no i am alergic and it sounded like katy "HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME!!" "quite moving bitch or else i will get my dad to rape u" "no please just let me go i cant help that niall wont love u but if u want him to u dont fucking kidnap him" "oh no it them" i said but then i kept listeng " so if u like niall then y is that helping u" "well she likes louis and in a few min wen my dad gets back u will have some company" then the van pulls up and the doors swung open and there was eleanor and i looked at louis and he had a sad,shocked,and pissed look on his face. when a really big guy came up and got her he threw off all her clothes and kept touching her witch made her flinch and then when they got in side i noticed a no clothes past this point sign so that means katy has no clothes on ether i have to hurry up and get in there.












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