The Ups And Downs

Hi I am Katy and I just moved form Alabama to Ireland and my neighbor is Niall Horan is there a lil romance or secrets who knows u have to read to find out!!xx


9. No stop

Katys P.O.V

"BOOM no that hurts stop touching me there" i heard someone say then i relized that was eleanours voice and he must have been touching her forbidin zone like he did to me but yall dont need to no that yet. Then the big black doors open and there is eleanour sitting in a chair with he boobs taped up and he forbidin zon taped up and he just droped the chair. She was lucky she got a chair I was just taped up on a pole.

Louis P.O.V

When I saw that man take off eleanours clothes i was pissed and then when she screamed i was heartbroken i needed to do something. When I tried to get out Liam said "just wait a minute lets wait till they leave" "but liam wat if they dont leave and where is niall" "he should be in the back" "hes not there" "what"

Nialls P.O.V

I heard someone say "No that hurts stop touching me there" and i new it was eleanour so i desided i had to do something then i saw a small window and i went and looked thourgh it and there was katy taped to a pole and eleanour taped to a chair. Then they left and i opened the window and hopped in there. "Niall" katy said "katy im here and i am goin to get both of u out of here" "ok but just dont tell louis u saw me naked ok" eleanor said "ok deal" "Niall i dont want u to see me like this" "its ok u can trust me katy" "ok now get me out of here they went to go on the top floor we need to hurry." i said ok and gave katy my jacket and my pear of sweat pants that was in the car and gave eleanour her clothes that i found on the ground and let them change. After they changed i gave them a hand out the window and then they helped pull me out and then we ran to the car and katy was pretty scared so i asked if she wanted to stay the nite at my house and she said yes.

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