The Ups And Downs

Hi I am Katy and I just moved form Alabama to Ireland and my neighbor is Niall Horan is there a lil romance or secrets who knows u have to read to find out!!xx


4. Meeting new people

*Katys P.O.V*

OMG he just asked me to go on a date with him and i said yes and I have bot even known him that long but he is really cute. But what if he sees where i cut myself what if he thinks im weird. Ok well on our first date I have to make sure I wear my vartsity jacket. So I went to go put on my pjs on and go to bed and then hope mabey i get to see Niall again.


*Nialls P.O.V*

"I cant belive that I asked her out" I told Liam "Im glad now when do we get to meet her" louis said. "I dont know mabey tomorrow" "awsome" Zayn said "yea I really like her and she is really pretty" "is she as pretty as me" Zayn said laughing "YES Zayn she is" "How could u Niall i thought u were my friend" "ok shush we need to go to bed" liam said of course daddy directioner would make us go to sleep at 9:00.


*writers note*

srry it was short want rite more till later tomorrow!!!!

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