The Ups And Downs

Hi I am Katy and I just moved form Alabama to Ireland and my neighbor is Niall Horan is there a lil romance or secrets who knows u have to read to find out!!xx


18. How'd it happen?

Liams P.O.V

It has been 2 days since Katy broke her leg we were all sitting in the lounge in akward silence when finally zayn spoke "so niall exactly why did u scream to make katy breack 5 bones in her leg? Huh." "Oh umm.......well its harrys falt." "how the heck is it harrys fault?" "becuz he ate my plate of nandos" "REALLY U SCREAMED AND MADE KATY BREACK 5 BONES IN HER LEG BUCUZ HE ATE UR LAST PLATE OF NANDOS.....REALLY" man he was mad. I looked at harry and his eyes were full of guilt "but...louis told me to eat them." harry said trying to make it look like it was louis fault "well can i say something its not just harrys and louis fault its zayns too" katy said trying not to raise her voice "WHAT HOW IS IT MY FAULT TOO" zayn asked "well i think it was u that was behind me and u tripped on ur shoelase that made me falldown the stairs and it was everybodys fault becuz liam tried not to fall down but he did and when he did his pocked knife was somehow open in his pocket and stabed my leg and broke one of my bones and harry punched me bone that was broken and broke another bone louis' elbow brokeone of my bones and when we reached the bottom zayn somehow manged to try to kiss me becuz we were on the bottom and I tried to move and broke another bone and then the doctors broke a bone so you all must be pretty happy with urself." I said hoppin off to the elavatore to go to mine and nialls room becuz i kinda live here but not fully i dont like staying in my house becuz im scared they will find me.

Zayns P.O.V

Wow is all i could think we all made her brake one bone I feel terrible for fussing at niall but i dont feel bad for katy she may seem nice but no she acts like she is hiding something but i have not figured it out yet but i will and then niall will no she is nobody special just a liar and then he will make her go back to her little apatment and let them strange people take her.


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