The Ups And Downs

Hi I am Katy and I just moved form Alabama to Ireland and my neighbor is Niall Horan is there a lil romance or secrets who knows u have to read to find out!!xx



Niall's P.O.V

Two nites ago we found out how katy broke the five bones so it was all of our faults. I felt bad that i screamed over nothing and it made her break 5 bones and wear that stupid cast for 2 years. I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep I tried and tried but just couldnt. I was about to go to sleep but then katy screamed in her sleep "NO GET AWAY FROM ME! NO NO NO " I looked at her and she was sweating hot she looked like she was goin to throw up and all of a suddone she did. "aww come on babe lets go to the bath room." she nodded her head and we walked to the bath room she sat down. She cooled off a little bit after I gave her a cold wet rag. "I hate for you to see me like this." she said shivering "its ok babe. do u feel bad u look like ur sick.!" after i said that she leened to the tolilet so i pulled her hair back and rubbed her back tocalm her down. "can u do me a favor" she asked with puppy dog eyes. "sure anything wat" "will u go get zayn and u can get some sleep" y was she asking me to go get zayn "sure" i said really puzzled. I got up to go wake up zayn "zayn wakey wakey" i said rubbing his cheek "wat" he said half asleep "katy is sick and she said she wanted u to come in there with her.

Zayns P.O.V

When niall woke me up to tell me katy was sick and she wanted me in there i said sure and got up i thought this would be the perfect time to figure out y i dont like her. when i walked in she was sitting on the floor looking like a mess. Niall said she had a nite mare and i new wat it was about i caused it 2 yeears ago.

Flash Back 2 Years Ago

It was a cold summer nite I was upset becuz me and perrie got into a fite I went to a local bar. I got really drunk that nite I was in america and I was out side the bar and saw this really ugly girl walks by and she was alone I walked up to her and grabbed her by her waist "hello ugly" i said as i tried to kiss her neck "get away from me" she tried to push me away but i grabbed her by her bum this time "u listen to me u let me do wat i want or u will get hurt" i said slurrying my words "ahhh help me" but no one came so i took her to a dark alley and well u dont need to no the rest but she didnt no it was me she thinks im her friend.

Back to reallity

I walked in and he got up to wash her face so I though this would be the perfect time to tell her. so i went up behind her "hello ugly" and grabbed her waist she turned aroundand then she looked really puzzled "u let me do wat i want to nite to u or u get hurt" then it came to her it was me."ahh get away from me" "wow u fiannaly found out it was me. so heres the deal u may think im ur friend but im not i dont like u so ether well actully u dont have a choice if u want to live i would leave and never come back." I finished and she just screamed "shhhhhh dont wake them or i will hurt u *KNOCK KNCOK* "Let me in" niall screamed "HELP ME" katy screamed with fear I grabbed her mouth *BOOM* niall kicked the door down "katy" he ran over to her she was sitting on the floor shaking. "zayn wats wrong with u" louis shouted at me "man u got some problems." harry shouted back at me. "

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