The M Factor: It's Now or Never

Love and war do not mix well together.

The M Factor competition is all-out war, as talented people from all over the continent compete for the chance of a lifetime. I still don't know how I am even here, among the talented.

Love isn't something that you could merely push away. It isn't a feeling you could just ignore. Which is why I struggle between the balance of love and war.

Which will win in the end?


2. Unbelieveable

   "You're THROUGH!" 


    People sitting in the audience roared with applause, springing to their feet and making as much noise as they could. I felt my jaw drop to the ground, and I stayed like that for moments before covering my mouth and squealing. 


    "Thank you, thank you, thank you," I repeated excitedly, bouncing up and down. 


    "Your welcome!" Tulisa giggled, as I kept muttering to myself  "Oh my God." 


   I exited the stage and pushed through the curtains, not even looking at the man when I handed him my microphone, and I scrambled down the steps. My mum and I shrieked at the same time when we made eye contact. I sprinted into her arms and clung to her, letting joyous tears stream down my face. I heard a sniffle from Mum, and knew she was touched too. 


   "I told you," Mum smirked. 


   "This doesn't even feel real," I giggled. 


    The car-ride home wasn't so agonizingly long as it was when we first got there. I was beyond elated, and couldn't stop thinking about what was to come. What was to come? I measured out the possible scenarios of my elimination, and couldn't help but feel depressed. What were the odds I would beat out all of these talented people? I wasn't that good at singing. 


    We arrived at our average-sized house, which was a faded white with black shutters. There was some green on the side that sprawled across the side, in which Mum was ashamed about. All around the porch were bright colored flowers, that gave a warm aura about our personalities. There were two chairs and a table perched atop of the stone porch. This was my home. This was the place I'd be leaving soon. 


    Mum turned the ignition off and swung the door open, stepping out and walking towards the door. I lingered in the car for a little bit longer, reluctant to lose my train of intense thoughts. Finally, I popped open the door and jumped out, strolling out of the car and up the curving path. Don't get me wrong, I was beyond ecstatic, but just curious for my elimination., 


    I got up to the door to see it was already open. I pulled out the storm-door and took a step in. The second I stepped in, a chorus of cheers shouted, "CONGRATULATIONS!" I drew my breath as my dearest loved ones jumped out at me, and I was immediately suffocated in hugs.  


    "I knew you could do it!"


    "You're amazing, Addi!"


    "I'm so proud!" 


    Everything was so muffled, I could hardly see who was talking. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, the large celebration group dispersed. The smile still demurred on my face, I walked forward to be met with my best friend, Tammi. 


   "ADDI!" she squealed. 


   "TAMMI!" I screamed back, and we ran into each others arms like a pair of mad people. 


   "I told you so!" Tammi sang. She pulled away, and pushed her chocolate hair out of her face. She wore a loose blue shirt and a pencil skirt. 


    "Yeah, yeah, yeah," I giggled. 


   "Forgetting someone?" a voice from behind me called. I whirled around to see my boyfriend, Brad, holding his arms out wide. I beamed widely and sprung into his arms. He held my embrace. 


   "Congratulations," he whispered in the crook of my neck, his voice muffled. 


   "Thank you," I muttered back. 


    For once, the day was spent about me. Not about my older brother, or my older sister, just about me. People seemed to listen to me; wanted to be with me. It felt great, but by the end of the night, I had a pounding headache. Finally, unable to stand it any longer, I slid open the back door and scurried outside, trying not to draw anybody's attention. I quietly sauntered out to the bench in the middle of the lawn, right by the shimmering pool. I plopped down and sighed, looking down at the blue water in concentration. Maybe I could continue my thoughts here. 


   My thoughts were accurate; everything would change. I wouldn't be able to see Kat or Brad as much anymore, and that goes for all of my friends. My family wouldn't be surrounding me; I'd be alone, battling for a chance of fame. 


   "Hey," a masculine voice greeted me. I looked up to see Brad, his hands tucked away in his pockets. 




   "Can I sit?" 


   "Go for it." 


   Brad slowly lowered himself onto the bench, eyes locked on the shimmering blue water such as mine. 


   "Everything's going to change, you know," I finally blurted, bursting the silence. 


   "I know," he muttered in reply. 


   "We won't be able to see each other a lot anymore," I said, trying to get him to say something that might show me where to go. 


   "I know," he repeated. "Maybe...maybe this should end."


   "What should end?" I questioned in alarm. 




   I could feel my heart drop. This is not what I wanted. This couldn't be happening. I mean, I just made the M Factor and he is going to leave me? Questions of what I did wrong flowed in my head, but all I blurted out was, "Why?"


   "Because, you may get famous, and you'll leave me. So I might as well," Brad explained, not showing any emotion. 


   I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I even wanted to shove Brad into the pool, but I merely sighed and put my chin in my hand. Somehow, I saw this coming. "Everything will change."


   "I know," Brad replied. "For the better for you."


   "My boyfriend just broke up with me on what was supposed to be my day," I cried. 


   "You're going to be off on your journey to becoming famous," Brad said, emotion pricking his words. "And I'm going to be sitting here watching my ex-girlfriend on one of the most famous TV shows, feeling like a total low-life."


   "Your not a low-life, Brad. Don't say that," I argued. We sat in silence, thinking about what was to come. 


   The awkward tension was one of the things I had never experience with Brad. I was right, and even if I don't make it far; everything will change.

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