The M Factor: It's Now or Never

Love and war do not mix well together.

The M Factor competition is all-out war, as talented people from all over the continent compete for the chance of a lifetime. I still don't know how I am even here, among the talented.

Love isn't something that you could merely push away. It isn't a feeling you could just ignore. Which is why I struggle between the balance of love and war.

Which will win in the end?


7. The Judge's House

    "Listen up, everybody!" the manager of backstage demanded the attention. Tanya, Jace, Kat, and I looked up. As I looked up, I met eye contact with Eddy, who nodded at me. I smiled at him as he said with his extremely attractive boy group. The boy sitting next to him, with big round eyes and curly brown hair winked at me. I felt myself blushing as I smiled at him. Kat nudged my hip, and I immediately looked at George, the manager of backstage. 


   "We will be sorting you into the judges' house now. So, if you are a boy 12-24, then you'll be going with Nicole. If you are a girl twelve to twenty-four of age, you will be going with Tulisa. If you are anything over 25, you'll be going with Gary. if you are in a group, you'll be staying with Louis. Buses will be waiting for you outside. That's all." 


   "Tulisa!" Kat cheered, hitting five with Tanya and I.


   "Oh great, I'll have nobody," Jace scowled. 


    "Make friends," Kat sneered teasingly.


    "Should we go to the buses now?" Tanya wondered. 


   "Probably," I replied. 


    "Let's go!" Kat sang. Tanya and Kat practically ran for the exits, as Jace and I sauntered behind them. 


   "They're insane," I snorted, watching them skip through the crowd. 


    "You're telling me," Jace chuckled. His laugh gave me chills, for it sounded melodic and beautiful. 


    "We probably won't see each other until live shows." 


    "I know. That'll only be like two weeks." 




    "Hey Jace!" a fake voice called from behind us. We spun around to see Olivia Reilly, stumbling toward us in her six inch heels. 


    "Oh...hi," he mumbled. I was biting back a laugh for how desperate and plain stupid she looked. One of her fake eyelashes were drooping down over her eye. She was tripping over herself in her heels. Jace's reluctance was great, because he truly did not want to be with her.


   "See you Jace," I giggled, rushing away. The last thing I saw of him was his scowl at me, his vengeful look. I just laughed and walked away. 


   "Yo, little red," Eddy called. 


   "Hey Eddy."


   "You've seen Kat?"


    I raised my eyebrows up and down. All of us besides Kat knew he had a thing for her, and they were absolutely adorable together. He blushed and looked at his shoes. 


   "She ran off with Tanya, probably on the bus already," I recalled. "If I were you, I'd go say goodbye." 


   "You think I should?" Eddy's eyes widened. I nodded as he cursed to himself, pushing through the crowd. 


   "He's got it bad," the boy next to me said. I turned to see the same boy who had winked at me before. 


   "I know," I laughed. 


   "My name's Matt," he introduced. 




   "So I'm guessing you have Tulisa? You look about 16," he commented. 


   "I'm seventeen, and yeah, I have Tulisa. Louis?" 


   "Ding ding ding."


   "I hate you," Jace's voice came from beside me. I smirked at him.


   "Hi, my name is Matt," Matt introduced to Jace, holding out his hand. 




   "The buses are so far away!" I whined, now noticing it's parked on the other side of the building. 


   "Race you there?" Matt suggested. 


    "You're on," I agreed. We both darted off at the same time.


    And right before I darted off, I could have sworn I saw a scowl on Jace's face.

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