The M Factor: It's Now or Never

Love and war do not mix well together.

The M Factor competition is all-out war, as talented people from all over the continent compete for the chance of a lifetime. I still don't know how I am even here, among the talented.

Love isn't something that you could merely push away. It isn't a feeling you could just ignore. Which is why I struggle between the balance of love and war.

Which will win in the end?


3. Statue of Us

    It's funny how you could go from surrounded by family and friends one day, and be unbearably alone the next. I sat on top of the stage, encircled by tons of talented singers, who all seemed to be acquainted with each other. All but me, who sat to the far left of the stage, in the back corner. I was hugging my knees to my chest, suddenly losing all of my confidence. In front of me, I watched as three boys and two girls sang What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I desperately longed to be with them, not giving a care about what was to come; only living in the moment. 


   Then it occurred me: it's only lonely because I'm making it lonely. My eyes scanned across the auditorium, looking for somebody who might have been as lonely as me. But it seemed as if everybody had a friend. I sighed and leaned back. Maybe I could tag along with somebody, like the kids sitting in front of me. 


   "You guys like One Direction?" I asked from behind the group. One of the girls with blonde hair spun around, her eyes wide, dancing with excitement. 


   "Oh my God, yes! I have been with them from the start! I'm even sitting on the same stage they sat on at one point in their life!" she squealed. I couldn't help but laugh at her goofiness. 


   "You're going to scare her away," the boy who sat next to her chuckled. He was the most amazing bot I'd ever seen, and it completely took my breath away. He had perfect brown hair, with his hair swept to the side. His eyes were astounding- large blue orbs. His smile was almost perfect, his teeth white as snow and straight. 


  "It's all right," I giggled, trying to prevent redness from rushing to my cheeks. 


   "My name is Kat," the blonde introduced. Her hair was flipped over her part, and she wore mascara to accentuating her hazel eyes. She looked hyper and bubbly.


   "I'm Jace," the astonishing boy beside her said.


   "Addison," I greeted them. 


   "And that's Tanya, Eddy, and Gil," Kat added, pointing to the other people in their group. Tanya had dark skin with hot pink feathers hanging from her ears. Her hair was curly and dark brown. I wasn't sure which one was Eddy and which one was Gil, so I gave Kat a questioning look, and she claimed that the one with the entire ginger look going on was Gil, and that the one with the blonde hair and blazing green eyes was Eddy. 


   "What's happenin'," Eddy said in an unexpected deep voice. 


    "Nothing much," I replied in my mock deep voice, making the others laugh, and Eddy just shake his head, but he wore a big smile. 


   "Look! Here come the judges!" Tanya whispered excitedly, as well turned to see the judges strutting down the aisle; Louis leading, followed by Tulisa, Nicole, and then Gary. They took their seats at the judging area. Silence fell among the contestants, who waited expectantly. 


   "Alright! Welcome to this year's boot camp!" Nicole exclaimed. A few murmurs erupted, but nothing more. 


   "First up, we have Gilbert Asher," Louis read from the paper. 


   "Gil!" Ed chanted encouragingly. Gil's face turned a bright red as he stood slowly, walking to the center of the stage which had been cleared out. 


   "Hi," Gil mumbled nervously.


   "Good luck, Gil."


   The music started playing, and he started bouncing up and down to the soft melodic music. Gil started bouncing to the music softly, then raised the microphone to his lips. 


   "White lips, pale face. Breathing in the snowflakes. Burnt lungs, sour taste." he sang, squeezing his eyelids shut in concentration, controlling his voice so it wouldn't break. 


   "He's good," murmurs flowed up from the crowd full of antsy people. 


   He was definitely good. His voice shook angelically, making the effect even greater. The song ended, yet people were too frightened to clap. A few clapped, but not many. 


   "Thank you," Louis spoke. He looked down at his paper, then back again at the faces of hopeful people. "Lemar Wills?" 


   Contestant after contestant sang, all singing amazingly, which really got me worried. All of these people were beyond average, and I was just... average. Tanya, Eddy, and Kat all performed, and exceeded the standard. Finally, the anticipated moment came. 


   "Addison?" Louis announced. Kat gave me an encouraging nudge, as I jumped to my feet and rushed to the center of the stage, taking up the microphone. 


   "Hello," I spoke into it, finding that my I was too close to it, for my voice projected statically and muffled. I pulled it back, shooting the judges a cute, innocent grin. which I hope covered for my mistake, though I was thoroughly embarrassed.


   "Good luck, Addison." Louis nodded, and the faint piano started blaring through the speakers.


   "They made a statue of us, and put it on mountaintop," I sang along to the tune of Us by Regina Spektor. I let my voice go free, but made sure it didn't sound to forced. 


   During the middle of the song, I sauntered over to the left of the stage, where my new friends sat. "They made a statue of us," I sang. I made eye contact with Jace, who gave me an encouraging grin. I grinned back, repeating "They made a statue of us." 


    I continued singing, returning to the center of the stage to finish the song, "And it's contagious. And it's contagio-o-ous" I let the rest of the music play out, before smiling. 


   "Good job, please take a seat," Louis said. Eddy, Tanya, Gil, Kat, and Jace were all clapping when I approached them again. 


  "You were awesome!" Tanya exclaimed.


   "Thank you so much," I thanked. 


   "I love that song!" Kat giggled. 


   "I know, right?" 


   "Jace McClain?" Louis announced. Jace gave us a thumbs-up before walking to the front. Unlike the other contestants, Jace swung the microphone around his hand before greeting the judges with a comfortable smile. Music erupted in the theater, and he began singing. 


   "Beauty queen of only eighteen she had some trouble with herself," he sang along to the karaoke version of She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. It just happened to be my favorite song. 


   I nodded my head to along the music. He turned to face the others with a half-smile, walking over to us, and smirking down at our group "I don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain."


   Butterflies flew everywhere inside of my stomach, making my throat go dry, and my heart swell. There was something about this boy...something that made me long for more. 


    "She will be loved. She will be lo-o-o-oved."


    There was no doubting what I was feeling. And from now on, the contest wouldn't seem so scary.

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