The M Factor: It's Now or Never

Love and war do not mix well together.

The M Factor competition is all-out war, as talented people from all over the continent compete for the chance of a lifetime. I still don't know how I am even here, among the talented.

Love isn't something that you could merely push away. It isn't a feeling you could just ignore. Which is why I struggle between the balance of love and war.

Which will win in the end?


5. Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game

   "You're taking forever!" Eddy groaned. Kat came out of her hotel room and slapped him on the arm disapprovingly. He whined and rubbed his arms, as we all set off down the empty hotel hallway. 


    "Tanya and Gil are on the floor below us," Kat informed us all. "Jace is on the one above us." 


   "So isn't today the face-offs?" I recalled. 


   "Here's where the competition really starts," Kat laughed menacingly, rubbing her hands together. 


   "You're so weird," I giggled. 


    "But you love me anyway," Kat sang. 


   "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I never said that," Eddy protested. Kat glared at him and raised her hand over her head, preparing to strike. Eddy immediately covered his forearm and backed away. "Sorry, sorry."


  "You better be," Kat smirked. We got on the bus taking all of the contestants to the studio. We all met up there and took our seats; Eddy, Gil, and Jace in the row behind Tanya, Kat, and I. The three of us girls shared stories about our lives back at home, as the three boys behind us kicked our chairs and tried to annoy us. 


    We finally reached the studio, and we all piled out, bombarding the set. We all loaded into the waiting room and got numbers. Whoever had the matching number as us would be competing against us. 


   Pairs passed, and once in a blue moon somebody would come off crying. Tanya and Kat got paired up. Jace got paired up with a boy about 14 years old, and the same situation for Ed and Gil. Everybody had gone and was talking about their experiences besides me, who waited expectantly. 


   "Number 109?" the worker called out. I stood up, already memorizing my number. I walked to the front of the room where I was directed backstage and to the stairs of the stage. Next to me stood a blonde girl, with her chin jutted out and her nose stuck up in the air. She looked like a model- skinny and drop-dead gorgeous, but still had make-up caking her face. She was the stereotypical rich girl, with her short pink dress and a belt going across her stomach, with her pin-straight blonde hair and a black head band. I suddenly felt conscious of my loose gray shirt and skinny jeans. She shot me a look when I arrived after her. We stood in silence for a few moments as the people ahead of us sang. 


   "Hi, I'm Addison," I finally said. She gave me a disapproving look, then replying in a bored tone, "Olivia."

   "We're on soon. We're singing For The First Time?" I recalled. 


    "Sure." Olivia rolled her eyes, and I already disliked her. 


   "Well... as they say in performance... break a leg!" I said cheerily as the people on stage finished singing. 


   "I won't need it," she smirked in a malice way before strutting out on stage after our cue. I followed quickly after her. 


   "Oh, hello Addison and Olivia!" Nicole said. 


    "Hello!" I said, as Olivia remained with a poker face. The music began playing, and it was me who started out. The song 'Rolling In The Deep' began playing, as I raised the microphone to my mouth and stepped up two steps. 


   "There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark. Finally I could see you crystal clear. Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your ship bare. See how I leave with every piece of you. Don't underestimate the things that I will do. There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark."


   Olivia stepped forward with a smug grin, as if she knew she was better than me. "The scars of your love remind me of us, they keep me thinking that we almost had it all. The scars if your love they leave me breathless I can't help feeling we could of had it ALL, rolling in the DEEP. You had my heart INSIDE YOUR HAND, but you played it to the beat."


   She was good- had a nice clean voice, though she could hit the high notes with soul and force. I raised my microphone to sing along with her, but she stepped in front of me. I scowled and side-stepped, singing the chorus along with her. She also side-stepped, standing in front of me. If she was going to keep trying to take the attention away from me, I'd have to earn it back. 


   "You had my heart INSIDE YOUR HAND!" I scream-sung, making the judges smile and nod. Olivia turned around and glared at me. 


   "But you played it, you played it, you played it, you played it to the beat," we finished. Instead of the smug grin, Olivia wore a look of hatred towards me. 


   "Alright!" Tulisa laughed, clapping her hands in approval. I waved at them before we were shooed off. Kat was standing right there to greet me. 


   "I heard that amazing note!" Kat sang excitedly, hugging me. 


   "Was it too raspy?" I asked. 


   "No, it was perfe-"


   "What was that?" Olivia snapped, tugging on my shoulder, causing me to turn. 


   "Shouldn't I be saying the same thing to you?" I scoffed. 


   "You're clearly an attention hog," she snarled. 


   "Says the one who was pushing me out of the way just to be in the front," I snorted. 


   "I deserve this!" she cried. 


   "So do I!" I countered. "Don't hate the player, hate the game." With these words, I smirked at her, with Kat 'oohing' in the background. Olivia scowled and stomped away. 


  "Alright, that was awesome!" Kat chuckled. My eyes were still locked to the back of Olivia's head. She was definitely one to look out for.  


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