The Boy Who Loves Toms

Rachel is a 19 year old girl who works at a shoe store. She sees someone that she didn't expect to see, Louis. Louis Tomlinson!!
This is a Louis Tomlinson fan-fiction!! It's really obvious!! The title, The Boy Who Loves Toms!!


5. Today is the Day.... Or Not.. Or a Great Day!!!

Harry's POV

Today is the day I am going to poison Rachel. I kept thinking if I should do this or not. I thought I should. I could be very naughty sometimes, very. I always get what I want when I want it. So I went to Rachel's room and knocked on the door. She opened it, "Hey Rachel!!! I wanted to know if you wanted to go out and have a good time tonight." "Well, what time because the mall closes at 9:30 tonight, so I work overtime.." "Is 10:30 or 11:00 good for you?" "Yea that's perfect!! I'm never to tired to party!!" "Okay that's great thanks for accepting my offer!! So are you leaving now?" "Yes I am ready to go to my boring, good paying job!!" "I can drop you off if you want." "Sure thanks!!!" "No problem!!"

Rachel's POV

These boys are all so nice!!! Tonight I'm going out with Harry so we can get to know each other better!! I hope Lou is okay with this, I mean it's his best friend he can't possibly say no!! "Bye Lou I'm going to work and Haz is dropping me off!!" He came running up the stairs, "Okay babe! I'll see you later!!" "Alright I'm going out with Harry tinight if that's alright with you.." "Yea that's fine!!! Why not??" "Thanks babe I really gotta go I don't wanna be late for work!!" I gave him a long passionate kiss and rushed out the door into the car. I got to the mall, "Thanks Haz!! Lou said I can go with you later!!" "Okay love. I will be here 9:00 so I can get myself some shoes and clothes if ya don't mind." "No problem!!! Bye!!" "Bye babe!!" I walked into the shop and the first thing I see is Austin with flowers.... Ugh!! "Hello Austin..." "Hey babe. Listen I love you and I wanna go out wi..."No Austin I'm taken and you're just to mean and selfish sometimes and that's why I never really answer your texts." "Wow I was never turned down before." "Well now you were. Bye." "Bye." I heard him mumble, calling me a bitch. "If I'm a bitch then why do you love me?" He just stopped and continued to walk like nothing just happened.. I had an OoVoo invite from Lou on my phone and I answered it. All I saw was candles in a room and.. LOUIS  HAVING SEX WITH ANOTHER GIRL?!?!?! I am so fucking mad and I usually don't cuss!!!! I called Harry in a flash... "Hey Harry.. Tomlinson is having sex with a another girl right now!!!" "You mean Louis?" "Yea Louis!!!!" "Hell fucking no!!" Harry was still on the phone and all I heard was stomping and a door slam open, "WHAT THE FUCK LOUIS YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND YOU'RE HERE HAVING SEX WITH ANOTHER GIRL!!!!!!" I heard the girl say, "Louis you have a girlfriend and never told me during our 6 week relationship?!?!?!" "Shut the fuck up you slut!!!" Wow. I just took a taxi over there because my other friend was covering for me until I'm done with this bitch. I listened to the convo all the way to Harry's flat. I hung up the phone and ran inside, "Hello Louis, hello Louis' girlfriend for 6 weeks." "Rachel.." "Don't Rachel me Rachel this!" I slapped Louis so hard he might have a red mark for a while. "And you slutty bitch here ya go!!" I punched her so hard 3 times, slapped her 10 times, and kicked her 7 times. She was all bloody and gross. "Harry I love you thanks for helping. Now if ya don't mind can you drop me off again?" "Yea sure!!" "One thing Louis I'm gonna do this to Harry since you can do this behind my back!" I pulled Harry close to me and kissed him so amazingly. I felt sparks going off.. It was great!!


******* AS TIME GOES BYE*******

Harry's POV

I felt bad for Rachel. But since she kissed me, so she must want to forget about the situation with Lou....Well I might not have to poison her after all. I went to the mall to go my clothes I would be wearing tonight and a pair of shoes to go with my clothes. I went to Lord&Taylor because that was the first store to have some decent clothes. It took me 15 minutes to find the perfect clothes to wear and try them on. Right now it was 9:25, so I went to Rachel's job. They had so many types of shoes. From trainers (athletic footwear) to church shoes. It was amazing. I saw Rachel, "Hey Rachel, this store is amazing!" "Hey babe!!! I know, I buy my shoes here all the time!!!" "That is so cool. Do you mind helping me find some white Converse because this store is huge!!" "Sure!!!! What size shoe are you?" "I'm a 10." "Wow, I have the shoes you want right in my hands!!" "What a coincidence!!" "Hahaha I know!!" I tried on the shoes and they were perfect, so Rachel paid for me.. I didn't want her to, but we had a challenge and she won...

Rachel's POV

After I paid for Hazza (He didn't want me to but he lost the challenge we had) he took me to his flat, so I can get ready. I was wearing a purple dress that had polka dots in a lavender color(I bought some clothes on lunch break). After that I put on some black mascara with purple and black eyeshadow. I also wore some pink blush, lip gloss, and eyeliner. I try not to over do the makeup... I put my hair in a waterfall braid and it looked really cool.. Before I was done I put on some Paris Hilton perfume and some deoderant on and went to knock on Harry's door. "Who is it?" "Your date!!" "Oh I never thought of it that way... Wow you look.. SEXY!!!" "Hahaha!!! So do you!!! Need help?" "Yes please can you fix my colar?" "Sure!! Harry your zipper..." He was now blushing madly.. So funny!! "Oh thanks... I'm done!!" We both walked downstairs and Liam randomly pulled me to the side, "Rachel you left Louis heartbroken.." "ME?!?! HE WAS HAVING SEX WITH HIS OTHER GIRLFRIEND LIAM!!!! AND WE WERE STILL TOGETHER... WERE!!!" Louis then came in, "We're over????" "NOOOOO we are gonna stay together forever than you can go fuck other girls behind my back.... YES WE'RE OVER!!" I was gonna call him a dipshit, but I stayed calm.. "Harry let's go have a good time!! Bye everyone see you whenever Harry and I get back!!" I was super pissed...

Harry's POV

I felt so bad for her. She looked so stressed out.. "Babe it's okay..." "Harry two things... 1. I'm fine 2. Shut up and kiss me!!!" Wow she wanted me to kiss her!! I just leaned in and kissed her for a good 2 minutes. I started the car and drove to the bar. When we got to the bar it was pretty crowded if you ask me... Rachel never told us how old she was so I asked her, "Babe how old are you?" "I'm 18 turning 19." "Okay then you could have a drink!!" She was pretty wasted... She is funny even when she's drunk!!! She said she was tired and wanted to go home, but instead we went upstairs to the private room and had some fun on the bed.... After that.. By the way she is so good at it!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway... After that we had a snogging session and then we went home....

Authors Note: I love this chapter!!! I put some drama in it for you guys!! I'm not telling what happens next.. Why would/should I.... I was gonna write more but naahhhh I didn't feel like it!! BTW I didn't put it in there, but Rachel felt sparks when she kissed Harry this time....So I am going to update Years Without My Irish Boy after I do my math homework!!! Bye my Lovlies!!!

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