The Boy Who Loves Toms

Rachel is a 19 year old girl who works at a shoe store. She sees someone that she didn't expect to see, Louis. Louis Tomlinson!!
This is a Louis Tomlinson fan-fiction!! It's really obvious!! The title, The Boy Who Loves Toms!!


1. The Great Day at the Shoe Store

Rachel's POV

It was only 3:00 pm, and only 30 minutes before I leave work I work at a shoe store in the mall. It's really boring!! This handsome looking boy walked up to the Toms section. I only took a glimpse of his face. I was busy texting my friend. His name was Austin. He likes me, but I dont. He's so selfish and he's in love with his abs... Eww!! The boy then yelled "I love Toms!!" Then there was a bunch of girls chasing the lad. He ran to the exit door. Wow, that was Louis Tomlinson!! I love One Direction!! It was love at first sight!! Harry was my favorite, but now it's Louis Tomlinson!!

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