The Boy Who Loves Toms

Rachel is a 19 year old girl who works at a shoe store. She sees someone that she didn't expect to see, Louis. Louis Tomlinson!!
This is a Louis Tomlinson fan-fiction!! It's really obvious!! The title, The Boy Who Loves Toms!!


2. Talking to Rachel

Louis' POV

These fans are crazy!! I told the boys I would get some Toms, this very attractive girl was there, so I wanted to get her attention. Why? I like attention and she was on her phone, what was I supposed to do? I looked at some American flag printed Toms! I yelled, "I love Toms!" After that a crowd of screaming girls came to the shoe store. I ran out to the exit and stopped. All the screaming stopped. I took one peek inside and the coast was clear. I wanted to speak to the girl now. Perfect timing, she was closing "Hello young lady!!" "Hey!!" "So are you a fan?" "Yeah I love One Direction, but wouldn't do what those fans did." "Haha thanks!" I couldn't wait so I asked "Do you wanna eat dinner with the boys and I?" "Sure!! I would love to!! By the way my name is Rachel!!" "Alright! My name is Louis!! Lets get going. Shall we?" We both giggled. "Yes we shall!!" I hope the boys don't mind.

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