The Boy Who Loves Toms

Rachel is a 19 year old girl who works at a shoe store. She sees someone that she didn't expect to see, Louis. Louis Tomlinson!!
This is a Louis Tomlinson fan-fiction!! It's really obvious!! The title, The Boy Who Loves Toms!!


4. Miracles Happen

Rachel's POV

I was really excited to go to harry's flat! The boys are so funny and fun to be with!!! I'm most closest with Louis and Harry, they just have so much in common with me!!! Harry's car just pulled up into the driveway. I said, "Wow, Harry this is a really beautiful!!!" "Thanks Rach I'm glad you like it!!!" "I don't like it I LOVE it!!!" Everybody started to laugh at me.. I just rolled my eyes and started laughing too... When we got in I had to use the bathroom, so I asked Harry where the bathroom is and he led me into his room. Damn, his bathroom was just stunning!!! After I used the bathroom I found Harry naked in his bedroom, "Harry what the hell?!?!? I'm here ya know!!!" "Okay so???" "Put some freakin' clothes on!!!" "Okay fine!!" Before I knew it he ignored me and kissed me long and passionately.. I whispered loudly, "Harry what was that for?!?!?" "Come on don't act like you didn't like it." "Whatever don't tell anybody please." He just winked at me and put his clothes on... "Hey Rachel what took you so long?" "Hola Lou!!! Nothing much just had a commotion with Harry.." "Oh kk!!" That kiss with Harry was magical, but no sparks... Nothing..

Louis' POV

I knew Harry did something wrong. He's naughty, very naughty!! I'll ask him later... I took Rachel's hand and we went to the kitchen, "Rachel I just want to let you know that I like you a lot.. In the love way.... I wanted to know if you..... wanted... togooutwithme?" I said the last part very fast to get this over with, "I would love to!!" "It's ok if ya said no it was worth..." "Louis William Tomlinson I said yes!!!" "Oh shit!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" I picked her up and kissed her I felt sparks everywhere!!!! My gosh this was the best moment of my life!! 

Rachel's POV

Wow, I'm going out with Louis Tomlinson!!! Not Louis from One Direction, but Louis from Doncaster!!!! When he kissed me I felt fireworks everywhere!!! Nothing compared to Harry's kiss... I guess miracles happen..

Narrators POV

Louis and Rachel were so happy together!! They told everyone and everyone was happy except Harry of course... Harry was naughty, but not the murdering people kind if naughty. When he wants something he will get it one way or the other... Harry told the boys he will be back... Since they were in LA he went to some voodoo kinda place and spoke to the lady who worked there. Harry wanted to poison Rachel... He had the plan all worked out: 

1. Take Rachel to a bar

2.Get her a drink

3. Put the harmless poison in her drink

4. When she faints bring her to the hotel room

5. Call Louis and tell him Rachel is wasted and that I took her to a hotel room and I'm staying with her

6. When she wakes up she will be in love with me

7. She will be in love with me for 4 hours and we will have all the fun 

8. In the morning she will not remember what happened while she was poisoned 

Harry was sure this plan was going to work out very well. He would do it tomorrow and this will be the best time of his life...


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