The Boy Who Loves Toms

Rachel is a 19 year old girl who works at a shoe store. She sees someone that she didn't expect to see, Louis. Louis Tomlinson!!
This is a Louis Tomlinson fan-fiction!! It's really obvious!! The title, The Boy Who Loves Toms!!


3. Dinner at Nandos


Harry's POV

Louis texted me saying that we should all meet at Nandos. He also mentioned that he will be bringing a girl he met, I recall her name being Rachel. My thoughts were interrupted by Louis and Rachel walking through the door. Wow wasn't she so beautiful, I don't care if I just met her, but it's the truth.

Rachel's POV

Meeting Harry in person is amazing!! He looked more stunning than I thought!! He was the first to come up to me, "Hello Rachel I'm Harry!! Really nice to meet you!!" "Nice to meet you too!!" He seemed like he was so nervous and, yet so confident... "Hey 'vas happenin??? I'm Zayn!! It's really cool to meet you!! We should chill sometime, eh?" "I'm Rachel!! Yea we should chill sometime and It's real cool to meet you too!!" Ugh, he was flirting a little too much which made me feel uncomfortable.. Holy cow Zayn stop checking me out!!! "I'm Niall!! Nice ta meet ya Rach!!" "Hey Niall!! Thanks for the nickname and its nice to meet you too!!" "I'm Liam!!! I can tell you and Niall are gonna be best friends!!" "Hello Liam!!! I think the same thought too!!" After that he pulled me to the side, "I know Zayn is checking you out and you feel uncomfortable, so would you like for me to tell him to stop?" "Gosh, Liam you are a mind reader!! And yes please tell him to stop. Thanks Liam!!!" "No prob!! c'mon let's go eat!!"

Louis POV

"What are taking those two so long?" "I don't know.. Why? Jealous much?" Harry replied. "Harry no! I like Rachel, but I'm not the jealous type." "I know I was just teasing!!" "Finally you two are done!!" Zayn got mad at something.. "Zayn, everything alright mate??" "Yup!!" "Okay then!" of course Liam broke the silence, "So Rachel how did you and Louis meet?" "Well good question Liam.. I was busy on my phone texting waiting to close Foot Locker. that's obviously where I work at... So then this boy which was Louis, randomly yelled "I love Toms!!" By the way Lou I will get you some American flag printed Toms tomorrow. And then after he yelled that crowd of crazy girls started chasing Louis. He started running then when he ran to the exit I actually seen his face. I was like "Holy carp that's Louis Tomlinson!!" Than I went back to texting.. After that we spoke a little then he invited me to dinner. So.. Yea!!" "Wow short story, but interesting!!" "Thanks Niall I try my best!!" After 45 minutes of laughing and talking the food came out. We all ate paid the check and went to Harry's flat.

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