Live While Were young

Its about one direction



I open my eyes and roll over. ''Louis wake up carrot cake.'' I said pushing his chest. ''Carrots!" His eyes fly open as he runs downstairs to get a carrot. I laugh and roll my eyes. I walk down to the kitchen where I find a girl, and a very in pain looking niall. ''Hi.'' She whispers. I wave to her and sit down across from them. ''What's your name I ask.'' ''Her name is Sarah.'' Niall said smiling. ''OK, I'm guessing niall was drunk last night.'' I say. ''Yeah so I drove him here and he told me it was to dark to go by myself, so I stayed.'' She said. ''Yeah and I fell asleep so we didn't even get to know each other or anything.'' Niall pouted. ''Aw don't worry niall we can spend all today together.'' Sarah said handing niall some pills. He took them without any whining or anything. Louis sits next to me and pulls me over into his lap, I rest my head on his shoulder. ''Wanna bite?" He asks holding a carrot in front of me. I giggle and shake my head. ''Wanna go to Ihop?" He asks smiling. I shake my head and run up to our room to dress. Me and louis walk out of the house we all share and into his car. IHOP is about ten minutes away, but it takes us 15. ''Pancakes!" He yells and gets out of the car. I laugh and get out to run behind him. We walk in and the lady gives us a booth. ''Yay a booth.'' Louis says clapping his hands. ''Louis I love you.'' I say shaking my head and laughing. ''I love you too baby.'' Louis says looking over his menu at me. ''What would you like to drink?" The waitress asks. ''Hot chocolate!" We say together. She smiles and writes it down. ''Young love.'' She says as she walks away. ''Let's get the endless pancakes and bacon!" I say. ''Oh my gosh girl you read my mind!" He says. I laugh and put my menu down. ''Here are your drinks, are you ready to order?'' She asks. ''Yes we will both have the pancake and bacon buffet!'' Louis says. I giggle as I give the menu to her. We spend two and a half hours at IHOP eating, talking, laughing, and probably driving everyone else crazy.

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