one direction: the passed and the future

this book is about one direction since their childhood up to xfactor and now. (Could you please read my new short movella? It's called "will you be my valentine?" And while your at it please favourite it and comment. It would mean a lot. :) )


8. the auditions: niall horan, zayn malik

NIALL HORAN: whats your name? niall. niall what? horan. why are you here today? to be the best artist i can be. and niall how old are you? 16. so are you like an irish justin bieber yeah? i guess so. does this make you popular in school? katy asked. of corse kate yeah.  oh yeah, i gotta change my answering machine and now that im alone cause right now it says that we cant come to the phone and i know it makes no sense cause you walked out the door but its the only way i hear your voice anymore. so simon yes or no? the first judge asked.  well im going to say yes. sheraly? im going to say no. im goign to say yes. katy perry: im going to agree with sheraly likeableness is not going to sale records is talent and.... of corse your in. i jumped up in the air and cheered.    ZAYN MALIK: whats your name? my name is zayn. zayn what are you going to sing? let me love you. ok. your the type of women to good things fistfull of dimonds handfull of rings baby your a star i just want to show you, you are you should let me love you let me..... first judge: yes. second: yes. simon: ive disided im going to say yes.

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