one direction: the passed and the future

this book is about one direction since their childhood up to xfactor and now. (Could you please read my new short movella? It's called "will you be my valentine?" And while your at it please favourite it and comment. It would mean a lot. :) )



I was born in Dec. 24,1991, I was raised in France. I went to a nursery school in Doncaster. I was obsessed with the power rangers. whenever I was asked what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday I would choose a new power angers toy. I’ve got four sisters now, charlotte, aka, lottie, felicite, aka fizzy. they did teach me about women, having that many sisters has really helped me. One of my many jobs were toys R Us. I was also a waiter, I wasn’t the best waiter, but I used to get good tips because I loved a good chat. In 2009 I applied for the xfactor but I didn’t get through the first round when I tried the second time I was more driven than ever.

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