one direction: the passed and the future

this book is about one direction since their childhood up to xfactor and now. (Could you please read my new short movella? It's called "will you be my valentine?" And while your at it please favourite it and comment. It would mean a lot. :) )


6. LIAM PAYNE: first audition

my first audition was in 2008, simon told me to come back in 2 years, when that day arrived i sang "cry me a river" a girl the inspiration for me to sing "cry me a river" the crowd started cheering i waved back to them. liam how are you? a judge asked me. i respoded how you doing simon, you alright. nice to see you he said. i havent seen you in a long time its been a while. 2 years yeah. 2 years yeah 2 years. i commented. how far did you get the last time liam? a judge asked me. well i was here in 2008 and i made it to simons house. i answered.  what are you going to sing today? simon asked. um im going to sing "cry me a river" the music started, i started to sing: and now you say your lonley, you cried the whole night through, well you can cry me a river cry me a river i cried a river over you, now you say you love me, well just to prove that you do come on and cry me a river oh cry me a river i cried a river over you cry me .... a river!!!! the crowed starts to clap, so does simon and the other judges. you deffenetly got whatever you got it. thank you i said.and i thought your voice is powerful, thank you so much i added. that was realy impresive really really impresive, another judge comments. thank you i said. i think other people in this contest should be worried about you. the same judge said. and simon? yes he answered. this is the guy you didnt put through?! he wasnt quite ready when he came to my house 2 years ago, but i said to him then come back 2 years time and youll be a different person and i was right. he added. now were going to vote: first judge: im going to say yes! second judge: its a yes from me. third: its a yes from me deffenetly. simon: based on talent abselutly incredible one massive fat o mighty yes. i cheered. YES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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