The Songbird

Written in response to the events of a previous relationship... I am a musician, so my ex used to call me her songbird. This is one of my favorites.


1. Songs of Woe

The days pass by without a word.
The nights, without a sound.
Just silence from the young songbird.
No melodies resound.

It lies asleep upon a vine.
It wakes to sudden horror.
His love walks with a bird divine,
A peacock struts just for her.

The songbird screams to no avail,
His love just flies away.
Attempts to warn her only fail.
With her New love she'll stay.

He tries to sing the peacock's song,
He warbles through the morn'.
To her, the notes he hits are wrong,
She turns away in scorn.

The lover's pain, it grows each day.
He watches with despair.
The young songbird flies off in May,
for he cannot bare to stare.

She thought she loved him from the hour,
His wings, he did unfold.
Even feathers lose their pow'r,
However bright or bold.

The peacock wandered by a lake,
His prize right by his side.
They took a moment, just a break,
for quite long was their stride.

The lake, it beckoned to the male.
A subtle, quick selection.
Once more, the peacock stretched his tail
To gaze at his reflection.

The proud bird sat and stared a while.
His little songbird followed.
Reflections hid a crocodile,
and arrogance was swallowed.

His lover screeched, for now she knew
The truth of what she'd done.
The peacock's pain compared not to
The love from which she'd run.

Desperate for love,
A song arose.
A friend from above
Finally shows.

Wings spread wide,
He swoops right in.
In songs abide
Forgiven sin.

A second song,
More brilliant now.
He suffered long
For broken vow.
A promise lost,
Has now returned.
Purpose drawn
From visions spurned.

His loved one sung
A tune so fine.
He then rejoiced,
"Forever mine."

It seemed the battle then was won,
As both birds flew into the sun.
Of her return, there was no doubt,
But still one thing, she was without.

The song the female sung,
That melody so sweet,
Notes covering the things which hung
Since peacock's quick defeat.

That love which burned,
It seemed no more,
And so she turned just as before.

Once again, the lake did call,
That shining lake of peacock's fall.
She looked and longed for brilliant bird,
Remembering the shrieks she'd heard.

Creeping closer, death stalks its prey.
Will she leave or will she stay?
Who can tell the turn of fates?
From now, the story, she creates.

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