Catching Feelings

They have one mission: to be good parents without killing each other in the process. [Based on the film 'Life As We Know It']


1. Chapter I: The Good News

Chapter I: The Good News

On a relatively warm Sunday morning, I hadn't expected many people to come in. These sorts of days were rare in Cheshire, as most consisted of rainy weather and gloominess. I would have pounced at the chance to be let free and enjoy the beauty of the day, however, Diane needed me. She was having her long awaited baby today, at the town's nearest hospital. Her husband, Miller, went with her and had left me in charge of their small bakery.

The keys jingled softly as I moved around the shop, placing fresh flowers inside the vases set up on the tables. It was Diane's normal routine to do this. Ever since I had begun working for her, not only did she learn about me, but I learned about her. In a way, she had become a mother to me. She provided all the neccessities in my life that my real mother failed to. I grew up in an orphanage just outside London. My caretaker, Jill, claimed my mother became pregnant at an early age and could not provide for me, thus, leaving me abandoned on the steps of the old orphan house. Apparently, all that I was left with when my mother brought me there was a small note with my first name and date of birth. Nothing else. To this day, I have never been able to track down her whereabouts and neither has anyone else. I want to beleive it is for the best, but I would be lying if I said there isn't still a gaping hole in my heart that will not seem to vanish.


Dropping the last of the flowers in a cute, white vase, I look up to see my best friend, Lilah, dash into the bakery, her green eyes flapping behind her. There is a grin etched across her pretty features, bigger than any I have ever witnessed her wearing. Her golden brown hair is tucked in a loose ponytail, small ringlets falling delicately to frame the edges of her face. Her grey eyes are filled with so much happiness that just by looking at her, a jittery feeling rises in the pit of my stomach. I try my best to keep my balance when she attacks me with her outstretched arms.

"Nice to see you too," I laugh, leaning away from the rapid embrace. "What's the hurry?"

She smiles and glances down at her stomach before quickly bringing her gaze back up. My eyes immediately widen, a goofy smile of realization settling onto my own lips.

"Are you really?"

Lilah nods and I pull her in for another hug, both of us squealing like little school girls when we let go. I grab her hand and have her sit down in one of the many vacant chairs set up for customers. Since I did not think many would come in today anyways, I deserted my post for a while to chat with my friend.

"Does Kai know?" I asked, remembering the newly baked oatmeal cookies in the oven and jogging back to retrieve them for her. I set them down in a plate, pushing them towards Lilah since I knew how much she loved them. She instantly reached for one, popping a piece in her mouth.

"We visited the doctor this morning. He wanted to go out and celebrate, but I just had to tell you first."

I grinned. "I'm glad you did. What do you reckon' the baby's going to be?"

Lilah rubbed her stomach thoughtfully. "I don't know. But if it's a boy, then we're naming him Riley."

"And if it's a girl...?"


I rolled my eyes with a chuckle. "Honestly, Lilah."

"What? Riley's my favourite name!"

"Mine too."

Lilah nodded knowingly. "Yeah, that's how we became friends remember? We were crushing on the same boy in Year 10."

The ancient memory came rushing back to me. I remember how Lilah had it out for me because I had one measly crush on one of her close friends. I was new to the school at the time and didn't know many people. Riley Butler was kind enough to show me around and spend time with me. Eventually, I developed a cute and completely flawed crush on the lad and hoped he would like me back. He started dating some other girl soon enough and by then, Lilah and I found ourselves laughing about it. We became friends in the strangest fashion, but I wouldn't take it back for the world.

"Okay, Riley's good then. I personally hope it's a girl." I told her.

"Why's that?"

"So I can take her shoppping, duh."

Lilah laughed, eating the last bit of her cookie. Her expression then became troubled and I knew she wanted to ask me something.

"Go on, then." I prodded.

She heaved a sigh before speaking. "Kai and I were thinking..."


"You could maybe try going out with-"

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no." I shook my head violently. Why hadn't I seen this coming? Of course she would bring that retard up. "I don't want to see his face ever again."

Lilah frowned. "But Darce, I promise he's changed!"

I snorted. "His hair products? Because I'm pretty sure he's the same douche he used to be."

She mumbled something or another under her breath and I being so slow, did not catch it.


"He says he's sorry and he wants another chance."

I threw my hands up in the air. "He ruined prom, Lilah! How am I meant to forgive him?"

She remained silent, her gaze set on her clasped hands. I felt awful, suddenly. Here I was, her best friend, getting mad at her for something she had had no control over. It wasn't Lilah's fault she fell in love with Kai, whose best friend only happened to be the biggest twat to ever grace the planet. And now she was pregnant, and happier than I had seen her in ages since the marriage. I owed her, as a friend, to do this. Even if it killed me.

"Fine." She looked up with a smile tugging at the end of her lips. "One date. That's it."

She let out a short scream of delight before pulling me in for another hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

I patted her back gently. "Yeah, yeah. What are friends for?"


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