Drawing the Apple of My Eye

This is me describing what my boyfriend is to me, what I see him as and relate to him as


1. What I See

I am everything that I am to him, every part of me:
A woman whispering raw truths on her death bed,
A small girl wondering at the color of the sea,
And someone wanting peace but getting chaos instead.

He's my catalyst, driving me, driving me...
Right up the nearest wall, making me want to scream,
And toward my potential, someone who's full and free,
And into his arms, the most calm and thrilling place to be.

The labyrinth of his soul is my constant project.
Layers, layers, layers...will it ever really end?
I keep digging for answers, but I can't attain my object.
Secret feelings, quiet passions, walls, hurts to mend...

He is the poison and presence of my disappointed past,
Diamonds from my eyes and wilted roses never given.
Then that deep, buried love sneaks up and attacks!
He is my tender present, and what once was is forgiven.

Selfish, hidden, confused, needy, broken-
Unfortunate proof that he's human, not whole.
Gentle, interesting, creative, sweet, outspoken-
Still retaining God's thumbprint on his soul.

That is what I see,
And what he is to me.

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