Love in Style

Ally is not your average eighteen year old girl. She loves watching chick flicks, hanging out with friends, but her past is haunting. But when she meets Harry Styles, her life completely changes. They instantly fall in love. But when someone gets in the way of their love, what will happen? What will happen when Harry finds out all her dirty little secrets? And what will happen when Ally is ill? Will the saying 'till death do us part' actually come true? *COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY BOOK*


7. Small talk

*Harry's POV* We both walked outside together. When she saw my Range Rover, she couldn't stop smiling. Her dimples were showing and her eyes were sparkling. She looked truly happy. I don't know why though. It's just a car. I chuckle, "Why you smiling?" She looked at me, "I've always wanted a Range Rover!" I smile, "I'll let you drive if you want?" Her face lit up, "Are you serious?" I hand her the keys, "I'm serious. Lets go!" I open the door for her and get in on the passenger side. She looks at the inside of the car, "You have no idea how happy I am." I smile, she doesn't know how happy I am. Her sitting in my car is just unbelievable. This is my chance to get to know her better. She turned on the car and the engine roared to life, making her jump a little. I chuckle at her, "Don't worry, it's bark is worse than its bite." She laughs and punches my arm playfully. I grab my arm, "Ouch! That hurt!" She laughed and stuck her tongue out. I shook my head laughing. She pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street, "I've been saving money for a Range Rover since I was fourteen!" I look at her, she's beautiful. She's smiling. She's happy. She's special. But she's not mine. I want her so bad. I want a relationship like Louis and Eleanor's. like Zayn and Perrie's. Liam, Niall, and I are the only ones who are alone. For now. If my wish comes true, then Ally will be mine. It's my time to get to know her. I look at her, "So tell me about yourself?" She glances at me and back to the road, "Well um, I have a older sister named Emily. My full name is Alexandria Claire Daniels. Eleanor and I meet in the 6th grade and have been best friends ever since. I live in a small house in London with my cat, Missy. And I have a niece that's three named Ava. Tell me about you." I think for a second, "My full name is Harold Edward Styles. My parents are divorced. I have an older sister named Gemma. I'm a fun guy and I like being naked, is that weird?" She laughs at the last part, "Oh my god! That's a little bit too much information!" I shrug my shoulders. We both laugh for a while. I look at her, "So you have a tattoo?" She sits there in shock for a minute, like she didn't want me to know about it, "Oh my rosé one? It symbolizes my mom, she's beautiful and gentle like a rose, but a thorn in my side sometimes. That's why it has a lot of thorns and is on my side." I smile, "That's beautiful." She shrugs her shoulders, "I guess. I was in ninth grade when I got it. My friend gave it to me and it was kinda illegal at my age." My eyes go wide, "You broke the law? You naughty girl!" She laughs, "I didn't choice the thug life, the thug life choice me." I laugh and I probably look like a retarded seal clapping my hands, but I'm dying of laughter. She starts giggling, "Your laugh is so cute!" I smile, "My laugh?" She nods. I smile a flirty smile, "Your the cute one." She starts blushing. Her cheeks turn a light pink, matching her perfect lips. It's cute. How she blushes when I flirt with her. She looks at me with a shy smile, "Thank you." I smile. We pull into Starbucks and get everyone coffee. We start driving back, listening to the radio, sipping our coffee. I decide to have the courage to ask her on a date. I put my coffee down, "Would you like to go get dinner sometime?" She smiles, "I'd love to." I start smiling, "Perfect." The whole ride back, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It's going to be amazing.
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