Love in Style

Ally is not your average eighteen year old girl. She loves watching chick flicks, hanging out with friends, but her past is haunting. But when she meets Harry Styles, her life completely changes. They instantly fall in love. But when someone gets in the way of their love, what will happen? What will happen when Harry finds out all her dirty little secrets? And what will happen when Ally is ill? Will the saying 'till death do us part' actually come true? *COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY BOOK*


50. Night Out Part 1

*ALLY'S POV* I read the text form Harry about a double date with Niall and Grace... which was a HUGE surprise for me since Niall liked me. Or still likes me. I don't really know what's going on with the whole, me and Niall thing. I guess he moved on, which is amazing. Especially since Grace is an awesome person. It's sad that we had to meet in such a horrible way, her fiancé trying to cheat on her with me then he beats me up in an alley. And don't forget, he cheated on me with her. Most people wouldn't ever think about being friends with the person their boyfriend cheated on them with, but I really think Grace is someone that I will get close with. I go to get ready in my room, since I moved back in my house. I go to my closet and pull out an off the shoulder dress with black and hot pink chevron print on it that goes mid-thigh. I pull out some black high heeled pumps that match and set it all on my bed. I then go to the bathroom and hop in the shower. When I come out, I blow dry my long blonde hair and curl let it fall down my back in it's natural waves. I apply foundation to my skin and put on some blush to accent my cheekbones. I put on smoky eye shadow and start on my eye liner, making my eyes dramatic and pop. I apply mascara and finish my makeup. I go back to my room and throw on my dress and put on my shoes. I put on a gold necklace and a matching bracelet to finish off my look. I check my phone and realize Harry will be here any minute to pick me up. I go to the bathroom and take my antidepressant pill and my medication for my bipolar disorder. Since the accident, now I have to take two more pills beside those pills, a pain killer and a medication to prevent me from going into panic mode so I don't fall into a coma again. I swallow those down and walk into the living room where I see my old gray cat, Missy, sitting on the couch. I've missed her when I was staying at Harry's place. I've had her since she was a kitten and now she's 9 years old. She loves Harry probably more than she loves me. It makes me sad to think that she's gonna die soon. She's been my best friend that I know will always love me. I hear a knock at the door and open it up to see Harry's perfect smile. He's wearing nice pants with a matching jacket that is unbuttoned that reveals a blue button up shirt with a few buttons unbuttoned at the top, revealing the tattoos on his chest. He pulls me into a quick kiss and when he pulls away he takes my hand, "Ready for our double date?" I giggle and smile at him, "As ready as I'll ever be." Then we both walk out and head to his Range Rover. Well, lets see how this night will be...     **AUTHORS NOTES** I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry for never updating!!!!!!!!!!!! I had major writer's block for awhile but then I got grounded!!:( I feel horrible! But I'll be updating a lot now and I'll write part 2 tonight maybe!!!

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