Love in Style

Ally is not your average eighteen year old girl. She loves watching chick flicks, hanging out with friends, but her past is haunting. But when she meets Harry Styles, her life completely changes. They instantly fall in love. But when someone gets in the way of their love, what will happen? What will happen when Harry finds out all her dirty little secrets? And what will happen when Ally is ill? Will the saying 'till death do us part' actually come true? *COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY BOOK*


4. Isn't she lovely?

*Harry's POV* Me and the lads had just changed into our swimming trunks. We all walked out to Louis' pool and jumped in. It was freezing! We were just messing around while we waited for Eleanor and Ally. Her name is so beautiful. It sends chills through my body. Just thinking about her makes me feel like a little middle school kid with a little crush. But she was more than a crush, she was love at first sight. I never really believed in that stuff but when I saw her, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She was stunning. I want to find out if she feels the same way. I want her to be mine. Only mine. Louis swam over to me, "Daydreaming?" I smile and nod, knowing he knows about how I like Ally. He stands by me, "Well, get to know her then make your move mate." I smile, "That's my plan." He smiles and passes me the ball. We all start playing volleyball in the pool. After awhile, Eleanor and Ally walks out. She's wearing a sexy hot pink bikini and has her shiny blonde hair in a cute messy bun. She has a tattoo? It's a rose going all the way up her side. It has a lot of thorns on it, but it's an awesome tattoo. While I was staring at her, someone threw the ball my way, but I wasn't paying attention. It hit me on my head. They all started laughing, but I was blushing. What if they all knew that I was staring at Ally? What if she knew and thought I was a creeper? God! Good move Harry! I got really embarrassed. I smile a little smile at Ally, and she returns it with a smile. A beautiful smile. I turn towards the boys and splash them, "Thanks a lot guys!" They just laugh at me. I turn and see the girls standing and talking. I think of a little plan. I sneak out of the pool and go behind them. I run up and pick her up. She gasps, "Harry! What the hell?" I laugh, "It's time to swim!" I put her over my shoulder, where she is upside down and I'm holding on to her legs. She starts kicking her legs, "Oh my god! Don't you dare!" I can tell she's laughing. I run over to the pool and throw her in. She comes up and takes a gasp, "Harry!" I start laughing. The lads are too and so is Eleanor. She swims over to the side of the pool. She jumps up and takes my ankle, pulling me in. When I come up, she is right in front of me, giggling her cute little laugh, "Got you!" I smile, "This calls for revenge." She puts a shocked look on her face, "We're even!" I smile an evil smile, "Not yet." She rolls her eys and runs off. I laugh and turn to the lads. The give me a thumbs up. I roll my eyes and splash them. They start laughing and splash me back. I walk over to them, "Isn't she just lovely?" Niall nods but doesn't say anything. Louis smiles, "How're you gonna make your move?" I shrug my shoulders, "I don't know yet." Eleanor walks over to us, "You guys wanna stay the night over here? Ally said she is." She winks at me. I blush. How does she know? Was it obvious? Zayn and Liam say in unison, "Sure!" Niall nods his head. I don't know what's wrong with him today. I smile, "Lets do it." Louis throws his arms up, "Sleepover time!" We all laugh and head inside. This night is gonna be amazing!
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