Love in Style

Ally is not your average eighteen year old girl. She loves watching chick flicks, hanging out with friends, but her past is haunting. But when she meets Harry Styles, her life completely changes. They instantly fall in love. But when someone gets in the way of their love, what will happen? What will happen when Harry finds out all her dirty little secrets? And what will happen when Ally is ill? Will the saying 'till death do us part' actually come true? *COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY BOOK*


45. Grace, the blinded fiancé

*NIALL'S POV*  We all stayed the night at Harry's flat that night since it was so late. When we woke up, Emily had made pancakes for everyone. We all sat at the dining table, eating, chatting, and laughing. It was so amazing to sit with everyone and have quality time together. It feels like there will be no more drama for a long time now, and that's how it's supposed to be. Don't get me wrong, I still love Ally. But I have to move on, it's for the best. At that moment, there was a knock at the door. I walked over to the front door and opened it to find a short, dark haired woman on the others side. Her hair was to her shoulders and it was wavy. Her amber eyes could hypnotize you into loving here with one wink. Her perfectly done makeup looked amazing with her tan skin and big beautiful eyes. Her short and skinny body had a swollen belly. I looked back at her and recognized her, it's Grace. She's Jake's fiancé who he cheated on Ally with. I smiled at her, "Hello?" She gave me a small smile back, "Hi, um, is Ally here? I need to speak with her." I nodded and let her in. I walked her into the dining room, "Ally? Um, Grace is here. She wants to talk to you." Ally looked over and her cheery eyes turned into serious mode. Ally nodded and stood up. She walked over to Grace, "Lets talk in my bedroom." Grace nodded her head and waddled after Ally. I sat down at the table and joined the others. Emily looked around, "Why is she here?" Harry shrugged his shoulders, "Who knows." Eleanor chimed in, "Maybe she is here to apologize. Or something like that." We all nodded in agreement and sat there silently. I don't here screaming, so Ally's not mad. I don't here crying, so she's not sad. I have no idea what is happening. About thirty minutes later, they both came down and said their goodbyes. Grace walked in and stopped at the doorway, "Bye, it was nice to see you guys." She walked out and shut the door behind her. My emotions took over and before I knew it, I was running out the door after her, "Grace! Hold on!" She turned around and tilted her head, "What?" I slowed down in front of her, "So, um, what's going on?" She took a deep breath, "Well I just broke up with Jake and now I'm on my own raising this baby. I came by to apologize to Ally about everything and I hope we can be friends now. But I don't know. I'm just really stressing about being alone." I looked at her belly, "How far along are you?" She looked down at the gaze I was looking at, "7 months. It's a boy." I nodded my head and looked back up at her face, "Whats his name?" She smiled her cute little smile, "Carter Lee Hampton. My last name." I nodded and smiled back, "Do you mind if I feel your belly?" She shook her head, "Not at all." I knelt down and put both hands on her belly. After awhile, I felt a little foot kick my hand. It was amazing. I chuckled and looked up, "He kicked." She looked down at me, "He must like you." I stood back up, "If you ever need anything, or just want to talk, give me a call." She blushed, "I need your number." I chuckled, "Oh yeah. Haha!" She handed me her phone and I put in my number. I handed it back to her, "Here ya go!" She laughed, "Thanks. Well, see ya Niall." I pulled her in a hug. A deep one. When we finally pulled away, she walked to her car and got in the drivers side. While she was pulling out, she waved goodbye before she drove away. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I think I've moved on from Ally...

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