Love in Style

Ally is not your average eighteen year old girl. She loves watching chick flicks, hanging out with friends, but her past is haunting. But when she meets Harry Styles, her life completely changes. They instantly fall in love. But when someone gets in the way of their love, what will happen? What will happen when Harry finds out all her dirty little secrets? And what will happen when Ally is ill? Will the saying 'till death do us part' actually come true? *COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY BOOK*


53. Day spent together

*ALLY'S POV* I woke up, cuddled into Harry's bare chest. I look up and see he is still asleep. He's such a cute sleeper. I lean up and kiss him softly, and before I know it, I feel him kissing me back. I chuckle, pulling away. He opens his eyes and smiles, "Good morning beautiful." I love his sleepy voice. I kiss his cheek, "Good morning babe." I start to get up but he pulls me back, "Where do you think you're going?" I giggle, "To go make breakfast." He frowns, "But I don't want you to leave me." I giggle again, "I'll be right back, I promise." He pulls me down on the bed and lays on top of me, "Stay." I smirk and bite my lip. He leans in and kisses my neck, leaving little love bites as he goes. I run my hand down his bare chest, tracing over his abs. He moves up to my lips and kisses my softly. After awhile, he pulls away and smiles at me. I smile back and roll away and start heading in the kitchen, I yell back, "I'll be right back." I start making pancakes at the stove, when I feel a pair of arms wrapping around my waist. He kisses my neck and spins me around, kissing me. I pull away and giggle, "Harry. I'm trying to NOT burn the pancakes." He chuckled, "Alright alright. I'll let you cook." He hopped up on the counter and sat there. I looked over at him, "So what are we doing today?" He smiled, "Well. Today, we are laying around the house and cuddling and all that good stuff. Then tonight, I have a surprise for you." I looked at him confused, "Like what?" He smirked, "Im not telling. That would ruin the surprise, now wouldn't it?" I chuckled, "Fine, now go get your pancakes!" He got his pancakes and kissed me on the cheek, "Thanks babe." I smiled, "Well someone's gotta feed ya." He chuckled and sat down at the table and started eating. I joined him and we ate our pancakes together. The day went by pretty fast. We laid around and watched movies, cuddled in bed, and just enjoyed each other. It was around three in the afternoon and Harry is taking me to this surprise, at six. So I sat in bed and watched tv while Harry was on the back porch on the phone. *HARRY'S POV* I sat on the phone with Louis on the porch. I look down at what I was holding in my hand and smiled. Louis laughs, "So you're gonna propose to her tonight?" I smiled down at the engagement ring that I had in my hand, "Yeah. I am."

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