Her first love

This story is about a girl named Lexi that never had a boyfriend until one guy changed her life!hes in a boy band. When lexi went to a concert she spotted a cute guy on stage . Will she fall for him or will he fall for her? Will they just be friend or more than friends? read to find out


1. Waking up with an abusive dad

Well my name is Lexi I'm about to turn 18 I have brown curly hair I'm skinny and have a rich abusive dad
Lexi's pov:
I wake to see my dad standing infront of me yes dad I said Lexi why weren't you awake early he said I'm sorry I must've over slept I said well never do that again now go make me breakfast he yelled at me I cooked him his favorite bacon eggs and pancakes I got a suprise for you my dad said I was scared what is it I said nervous he handed me a 1D concert ticket and a meet and greet ticket omg thanks dad I said yea yea go somewhere else or I'll rip those I ran to my room and fan girled yes I'm a rich girl with an abusive dad but abusive dads can be rich I had a whole bunch of posters of Harry he was the best but it didn't matter I liked all of them I have a whole drawer of the rest of the boys oh shit the concert is tommorow I quickly told my dad I'm going shopping I got the keys to my Audi and drove to some store I finished shopping so I went home I yelled Dad are you hungry he said yes come down and eat the food I brought you it was in n out his favorite thanks sweety I'm sorry for abusing you I promise I won't do it again he said thanks dad I said even though I had a couple of cuts and bruises

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