Her first love

This story is about a girl named Lexi that never had a boyfriend until one guy changed her life!hes in a boy band. When lexi went to a concert she spotted a cute guy on stage . Will she fall for him or will he fall for her? Will they just be friend or more than friends? read to find out


4. Truth or dare

It was 10:00 pm at night when Louis blurted out "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" we all agreed and sat in a circle Louis came out with a bottle they told me to start I did and it landed on Zayn truth or dare I said Dare Zayn said I dare you too kiss niall in the lips he gave me this look -.- he gave Niall a kiss and he spun it landed on me truth or dare he said evily dare I said straight out I dare you to make out with Niall in his room I felt nervous and I saw Harry sent a death glare at Zayn. Me and Niall went up and he kissed me passionate for atleast 2 minutes but I like Harry we came down and Harry spun the bottle it landed on Niall truth or dare Harry said DARE! Niall said I dare you to kiss Louis so they did it was Louis turn It landed on Harry I blushed alittle truth or dare Louis said dare Harry said I dare you to make out with Lexi for 30 minutes in your room so me and harry stood up and went to his room we started to make out ** 5 min. Later we run out of breath we look at each other Harry I said yes? He said confused I like you I said I-. I cut him off and said I don't like you I love you. I love yOu to Lexi Harry said
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