Her first love

This story is about a girl named Lexi that never had a boyfriend until one guy changed her life!hes in a boy band. When lexi went to a concert she spotted a cute guy on stage . Will she fall for him or will he fall for her? Will they just be friend or more than friends? read to find out


5. Terrible day to good day

I love you too Lexi Harry said when we were dared to kiss after that we went to sleep I woke up to an empty bed but Louis was staring at me what Lou I said c'mon take a shower so I did then I called Louis and he handed me a robe I put it on and went out Zayn was there he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a chair he blowed dry my hair and then straighted it he put a couple of curls I hugged him and said you didn't need to do that Zayn then I had to go in the bathroom and I see Liam he put on my make up Liam I said yes love he said why are you doing this I said its a suprise dear he finished and kissed him on the cheek I left lipstick on his cheek he snickered and left blushing I laughed then there was Niall with and orange dress with orange high heels I hugged him and put on the dress then when I came down they whistled guys why did I have to dress like this I look ridiculous I said no you don't you look sexxxayy Zayn said c'mon Louis said and led me to a limo when we arrived it was dark then I saw Harry at a table with another girl I looked at the guys and said so this is what I'm suppose to see a tear came down my face and got out of the limo I ran and heard Zayn yelling Harry looked at me running he came running to me I took off the heels and left them there I took off the dress I didn't care if I was half naked I looked back and they were still chasing me I stopped and when they came closer I ran again I stopped I gave up then someone grabbed me from the waist I looked and it was harry I turned around to not face him what do you want I said its not what it looks like he said what I got ready for you and then boom I see you with another girl prettier than me Idc anymore I'm leaving I walked then he grabbed my hand what I said please forgive me he said what so I can see you with another girl I'm cold so bye I walked halfway then someone put their jacket on me Harry stop it when I looked back it was Niall what do you want I said well you left Harry crying and I just knew you were cold so you I hugged Niall he put his hands around my waist your a good friend I said please give Harry another chance he said but I was heart broken I told him I love him Yesturday and this is what happens I sit Down the cold cement Then I stand up and say fine only this time I hugged him then we walked back and I got in the limo Harry was sitting alone go get him Niall said but I'm tired I said go Louis said even when I'm naked I go walk up the hill and hug him from behind he looked at me and smiled I pushed my lips on his lips and we kissed I could tell he smiled during the kiss I pulled away and sat on the other chair you must need these he said holding up the dress nah I'm fine like this I said he laughed and checked me out I covered my self more why are ÿöü lookin at me like that I said cuz your sexy he said no I'm not I said then we continued to talked when he said my name yes I said will you be my girlfriend he said yes of course I said we kissed for along time
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