Her first love

This story is about a girl named Lexi that never had a boyfriend until one guy changed her life!hes in a boy band. When lexi went to a concert she spotted a cute guy on stage . Will she fall for him or will he fall for her? Will they just be friend or more than friends? read to find out


3. Meeting the boys

Lexi's pov:
I woke and hugged someone next to me I woke and jumped out of bed are you ok love Harry said
Oh I'm yea I didn't reconize you I said oh ok I went back next to him and hugged him he was warm and comfy I fell asleep so did Harry a couple of hours later me and Harry woke up I kissed his cheek and said wake up sleepy head he woke up smiling we went down stairs and saw the boys they all paused what they were doing and stared at us the admired me then they started to do what they did before me and Harry cooked breakfast right when I started smelling food niall came in the kitchen what are you guys cooking? He said just some pasta with meatballs niall licked his lips and said give me some after its done Harry said we finished cooking and ate the boys introduced them selves . Meeting the boys was fun
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