Her first love

This story is about a girl named Lexi that never had a boyfriend until one guy changed her life!hes in a boy band. When lexi went to a concert she spotted a cute guy on stage . Will she fall for him or will he fall for her? Will they just be friend or more than friends? read to find out


2. Best day of my life

**next morning**
I wake up early an make him breakfast I put a not saying if you need me I'm going to be in my room I go to my room and got the things I needed for the concert and layed it on my bed I went in the shower and started to sing more than this and live while we're young(tbh I suck ass at singing ) so I took an 1 hour shower when I came out I blowed dryed my hair and straightend my hair I did my make up and went to my bed and yes I have a bathroom for my own in my room I locked the door and changed into my poofy dress that was purple and with purple high heels on my way to the mirror I got out my 1 infinity directioner necklace and my 1D bracelets I put them on and I told my dad goodbye and I'll be back tommorow all he said is okay I got my key to my purple and silver audi and drove to the arena yes I was the only one there I waited until the ticket booth opened I gave her the ticket and she said enjoy the show sweetheart I went in and I was in the first row in the middle I put on my meet and greet necklace now the arena was packed and the lights dimmed I screamed alittle and just watched them sing I had my eyes on Harry

Harry's pov:
Show time Paul said ok I said me and the boys went on stage I sang a bit and I saw the most beautiful girl in the world she was staring at me I blushed a bit so did she when I looked at her I saw she had a meet and greet necklace Yess finally I was going to meet her the concert ended and I saw her entering the meet and greet room I smiled she came to me and hugged me she smelled good I whispered in her ear take me home she laughed a bit and said I will if you let me ok I said after the meet and greet she took me to her car my mouth literally dropped and said to myself she's my princess that I've been waiting for we were driving and she said where do you live oh that hotel right there I pointed and she got there well I'll see you around she said um love would you like to sleepover at my hotel room sure she said she parked the car and we went to my room and let her borrow my clothes we watched movies until she fell asleep I took a pic and set it as my wall paper I took her to my bed and tucked her in I took off my shirt and went ad layed on her. This was the best day ever
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