Girl Meets Boy

Makayla was never a people person. She didn't like dealing with the drama. The only person she ever hung out with were her best friends, Louis and Cassandra. That was, until, the new boy in town moves next door to her. Once she falls for him, what will happen?


2. People

Makayla's POV**


Once the pizza came everyone went downstairs and ate. We all exchanged phone numbers and the Styles family went home. I called my friend Cassandra.

"Hey baby what's up?" she said when she picked up the phone
"I got the pictures. I snuck them when we were eating pizza"
"Ok, sendsendsend!"
'I will! How are you and Louis?"
"Great! It is our anniversary in two days!"
"Fuuunn! I will send you the pics bye!"

We hung up.
Louis Tomlinson. I hated him until he asked out Cassandra. Now we are the best of friends!
I looked at the pictures I took. They made Harry look gross but whatever. Just then my phone buzzed.

"Hey babe!" It was a text from Harry. "How were those picturees you took?"
Oh shit. Harry saw I took the pictures.
"LOL they are great."

I texted them to Cassandra. I got another text from Harry.

"Look out your window"

I walked over to my window and looked out. I saw Harry in the window across from mine. He was hold up a sign thay said 'hey'.

I smiled and grabbed a note pad. On it I wrote:
'Hey! Shouldn't you go to bed? First day of school for you tomorrow!'

he laughed and wrote "Goodnight" on the notepad.

I smiled and blew him a kiss. I closed my curtains ad turned on  my TV. I put on spongebob and quickley fell asleep.

Harry's POV*

I woke up to the sound of my phone.

It was a text from Makayla:

Get up sleepyhead! It's your first day of school! meet me outside in an hour. We can go grab a coffee on our way!

I got up and took a shower. I threw on some clothes and my Jack Wills sweatshirt, sinceit was freezing outside.

I looked at the time. It was now 8 o clock and I had to meet Makayla outside.

Makayla's POV***

Harry walked out of the house.

"Hey!" He said as he walked out.
"Hola Senor! Um, want to go get coffee?"
"Sure! Which way?"
"About two blocks that way. Let's go!"

We started walking towards the coffee shop. We were talking about random things. Then Harry asked,
"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Noo, I am not really a people person"
"Interesting..." Harry said trailing off.
We walked for about two minutes and Harry slipped his hand into mine.

"I thought your hand looked cold" He said with a cheeky smile.
I smiled back and we were finally at the coffe shop. I ordered a vanilla bean coffee and so did Harry. We had about 30 minutes to get to school. We started walking, and it was only a 3 minute walk. We quickly got into the school and Harry got his Scheduel. Harry is lucky he started school on a friday. I looked at his scheduel.

"We have the same scheduel! YAY!" I took his hand and lead him over to Louis and Cassandra.

"Is that him?" Cassandra whispered to me.
"Mmmhmmm! What do you think?"
"He is perfect for you! And look! He is getting along with Louis!"
We both laughed and the bell rang. On the way to class I bumped into the bitchiest girl in school.

"Oh, look what the dogs dragged in!" Said Taylor, the slut of the school.
"I'm not in the mood." I said, walking past them.

We walked into PE. We all got changed and we found out it was a free class. I lead Harry to the back of the gym and Louis and Cassandra followed.

We all were laughing and having fun, Harry whispered in my ear,
"Will you be my girlfriend?"

Woah, kind of sudden, but why not?

I looked over to him and said yes. I had a good feeling...


Helloo! Ok, I need characters. If you want to ever help me with the story plot or create new characters, you can email me at ok, i love you alllll bye









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