Girl Meets Boy

Makayla was never a people person. She didn't like dealing with the drama. The only person she ever hung out with were her best friends, Louis and Cassandra. That was, until, the new boy in town moves next door to her. Once she falls for him, what will happen?


1. Next Door Neighbor

Makayla's POV

"Makayla! Can you go bring this to our new neighbors?" My mother screamed from downstairs.
"Mom! You know I don't like meeting new people!" I said, running downstairs.
"I know, sweety. But I heard there is a boy, he might be cute!" I started blushing.
"Ugh, ok." I ran upstairs and put on some makeup so nobody would get scared. I threw on some jeans and my favorite sweatshirt, grabbed the brownies my mom made, and ran out the door.

I knocked on the door. After about ten seconds, the door opened. 

"Hello!" Said the boy who opened the door. I admit. He was hot. He had curly brown hair and bright green eyes. 
"Uh, hi, I heard you just moved in and my mother made these for you!" I said, handing him the brownies. 
"Thank you, my name is Harry Styles, what's yours?" 
"I'm Makayla" I said awkwardly. This is why I'm not a people person.
"Would you like to come in?" 
"Sure!" I said, walking into his house. I followed him into the kitchen, and I saw a lady which I'm sure was his mom.

"Mum! This is Makayla, she lives next door." I waved and smiled shyly, and then my phone buzzed. 
It was a text from my mom

Hey Darling! I made a lot of food, would they like to come over for dinner?

I put away my phone.

"Uh, my mom wants to know if you would live to come over for dinner tonight?" 
"We wouldn't want to intrude.." Harry's mom, who's name is Anne said.
"No, no it's fine!" I said back

"Ok, what time should we come over?" Anne asked.
"Umm, in like an hour? Is that ok?" 
"Ok! Thank you very much! I will see you in an hour!" Anne said
"Alright, bye!" I said, Harry lead me to the door. I was half way across the drive way
"Hey!" I heard Harry say
"Yessss?" I said back, wanting to get home to get ready.
"I think we are going to be good friends." He said with a wink, and shut the door. 

I turned away and felt my face turn red. I ran home and slammed the door when I walked in.
"What happened?" My mom asked, rushing into the room.

I pulled out my curling iron and started curling my hair. Once I was done, I took off all my makeup so i can start over with it. Mascara, blush, lipgloss, and eyeliner. I quickly brushed my teeth and ran into my room. I had about 15 minutes to get ready. I grabbed a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top. I put on my favorite pair of boots and grabbed my phone. I was going to call my best friend, Cassandra. When she answered I started screaming into the phone.

"I will send you a pic later, I think they are here!"
"Ok, Bye!" She said, hanging up the phone. 

"Makayla!!! The Neighbors are here!!!" My mom hollered from downstairs, I looked into the mirror one more time and left my room. I saw Harry sitting on the couch on his phone.

"Hey!" I said, walking downstairs. "Long time no see!"
The family laughed. 
I walked into the kitchen with Harry trailing closely behind me..
"Do you want anything to drink?" I offered, looking into the refrigerator. 
I grabbed a bottle of water and tossed it over to him.
"So, how old are you?" I asked him, starting up a conversation. 
"I'm 15, you?" 
"15 also!" score...
I walked into the living room and asked my mom what we were having for dinner.
"Oh, I ordered a pizza, it should be here soon." 
"I thought you made too much food?"
"I lied." My mom said, smiling at me. 

I walked back into the kitchen.

"My mom ordered pizza, it should be here soon, want to go up to my room?" 
"Why not?" Harry said, standing up.

I lead him upstairs, into my room. He sat on my bed and i grabbed my beanbag.

"So, what school are you going to?" I asked him
"I'm going to North Shore Highschool" Harry said
"Thats where I go! We can walk there together!" I said to him.
"Anytime I can spend with you is great!" Harry said with a wink. Boy, we winked alot.
"haha, thanks! I like you Harold, I think we are going to be friends."


Ok hi guys! Ummm, I don't have much to say but please read and comment! I will co-write with anyone and yeah, keep on reading loves!

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