hell hole

my dad died when i was younger and my mom recently died in a car crash now i live with my stepdad and have scares all over my body from him. i need help, i had no help till i told harry styles.


5. will i make it?

i got to the hotel and had gotten a room i sent one last text to spencer sayin i love her, and to come check up on me if i hadnt answered in the nest 2 hours. i looked at the time and it was almost 6pm, and i insently dropped on the bed and fell alseep.


i was so pissed off at harry for brining away from my stepdads house. i knew i was gonna get beaten up again. i ran out a window and back to my house, i dont how the boys found out i was here. but they came, im really mad that harry did this, now that boys new about it. now they are gonna act diffrent around me. i ran up to my room too see my stepdad come out of the bathroom with a knife. "where have you been you slut!?" i got scared i didnt want to say the truth and get harry in trouble. " i.. i was gonw to the store to go buy some food but forgot my bag with my money in it".i walk into my room and get my bag. when i bent down get grabbed me. " whats this! who did that to you??!" i looked where he was pointing. "you did, you did that last night. and you all so did all this last night!" i shpwed him all my new cuts and bruises and every thing else. "omg.. im so sorry." i looked at him wierd. he was actin wierd and sorry for once. rob had no clue what he had done! he total ruined my body and didnt know. " wheres your mom?" he asked lookin like he had no clue what was going on now. "she died.... last night..in a car crash, rob are you okay? your not acting like your self" i went over to him and put my arm on him to go sit him down. he sat on my bed cryin. "i just wanna die! i hate being old! i want it to end i want to remeber everything! only your mom could help remind me every morning!"  it had finally came to my mind that he had altimers. "wait... do you know who i am?"  i asked him sittin beside him. "not really, all i know is your name and i know that your a slut, from when you slept with cameron". i remeber that day,that was the first day i met rob,that day i had snuck out to go see my ex cameron and my mom found out that i had slept with him by the condom raper in my bag. rob thinks that that had just happend and he keeps thinkin its that day. from that day and forward he only remebers the past. with anger in him he got up and walked back and forth talking to him self, "shut up! shut up! shut up!" he was yelling to no one. " rob? are you okay??" he was really scarin me now, i had no clue what he was doind and now i knew he never ment to hurt me. i was onna go up to him but i didnt know if he was gonna hurt me again. so i stayed back. "SHUT UP!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" i ran into the bathroom and took his pills. this wasnt my first time seein this, it happend before but when i was younger. i brouht him his pills, he refused to take them, " Hey, Rob, do you want them to get out of your head??" "yes! Please!" he picked somethin up and trouht it out the window.  "ok, here then take these it gets ride of the voices you hear in your head. trust me your gonna feel better." he took the pills. there was a slight joy i had but it makes him sleep. he feel alseep on my bed i took my bag and went down stairs. i saw niall, zayn, liam and louis there with thier mouths open in shock. "what?" i asked getting pissed off. "oh nothin, i just um, are you okay?" liam asked speaking for all. " yeah, its not the first time this happend..." i walk away and sit on the couch, they all did the same and followed. i looked at my phone that had been left in my room all night. i had 7 text, one was from harry, i read that one first. ~"i love you, come check up on me if i dont answered in the nest 2 hours.<3"~ it was sent 1 hour ago, i looked up at niall with my mouth open. i think he new what i read. because he asked. "is it him?" "yeah, we need to go some where right now, can we go? please it about what happend and what you told me the other day in the kitchen." "oh! yeah c'mon, ok um lads we got to go now meet my at the house. byee well miss you." he ot them to leave right away. " so how do you know harry likes me?" i asked niall. "i read his diary." he said with a small laugh. " so um did he tell you about anythin new about him?" "no what? what did you read?" even tho i was mad at him he was always there for me, i kinda liked him but not much. i liked liam more, he was so sweet and kinda, loving, everything you could think of. "he has cancer and he wrote that he might die.. thats why i am really worried." "omg!! we got to go but where is he!?" " ill check where he is," niall took his phone out and called harrys band. after a while we finally found out where he was. we went to the hotel and found him in the bed.

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