hell hole

my dad died when i was younger and my mom recently died in a car crash now i live with my stepdad and have scares all over my body from him. i need help, i had no help till i told harry styles.


3. where is mom!?

i got into the house and ran to my room. i unpacked and started looking for my mom. "mom? mom?" "oh shut up!" my step dad started yelling at me. " first you scream at night, now your screaming out your you mommy. grow up!" "where is she." "shes gone out to the store for you stupid birthday." i went back in my room and slammed the door. i called my mom :

"hey hun im just on my way to the store."

"okay please dont be long." next thing rob comes in my room. "who are you talking to?" he asked my door hit the wall hardly. this was the perfect time to prov to my mom he wasnt who she tought he was. "its harry." i lied. "hang up the phone!' i pretended to but i needed her to her this. i put the phone down and heran over to me. "WHAT ARE YOU TELLING HIM!? DID YOU TELL HIM I BEAT YOU UP!?" "no." i said in a soft voice. he slaped me in the face. i tried not to cry but tears just feel out. he hit me even harder. i hit my phone by acendent, and it went on speaker. "spenc im comming home!" i hurd my mom say.  i hurd wheels squeek and then i car horn and a yell. "MOM!"i could hear the horn from in my room. i ran down stairs and folllowed the noice, to find my moms car totaly crashed. i ran up ro her and saw blood comming out of her mouth and the top of her head.  'mom?? can you hear me!? mom? i pulled her out of the car window that was smached. i sat on broken glass with my mom in my hands and her blod all over my body. my mother had just then stopped breathing and died in my arms. my momther and my father had died now, a week away from eachother, and i was with then=m when it hapeend. i was left with nothing. my step dad was gotta beat the living daylight outta me and i didnt have harry i havent called him since we kissed. i had no one to go to. the piolice can and put my mom in a body bag. i went back home and got some stuff i knew i was going some where i just dont know where yet. i got home and my step dad was already driking. "is she dead?" he asked actually crying. "yeah.. she is." i said pulling my self together. 'you little slut this is your fault! you lied to me. you got her to come back and you made her get in a car crash." he said and throught the half open beer at the wall. he stormed over to me and picked me up off my feet by my hair.the put me back on the groud and punchedc my in the ribs and every where else. i stared bleeding, crying, i had gotten bruises, more scares.


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