hell hole

my dad died when i was younger and my mom recently died in a car crash now i live with my stepdad and have scares all over my body from him. i need help, i had no help till i told harry styles.


6. when everything falls apart

i got to the hgotel to see harry in bed, i looked and niall in the eyes. we both where almost in tears,i ran over to harry on the other side of the bed. "harry?" i pushed his sholder a little. "harry!?" i pushed his shuolder again. i look back at niall. he comes over and starts acting like a cat, on harry. "what the hell are you doing?" i ask starting to tear up and laugh at niall. " harry+cats=love..lol" he said laughing. "this isnt the time to laugh, hes not answering." i touched his soft cheek, with a tear falling down mine. i move my hand down to grab his. i put both hands on his hand. i cant believe he had died, or he was just doing this to see what i would do. i was pretty ha had died, he wasnt moving and i didnt fell like he was alive.  niall was ready to cry but didnt want to infront of me, so he left the room. i put my head on harrys chest and sat beside him. i couldnt stop crying,when i felt something or someone playing with my hair. "your beautiful when you care about me that much." i hurd a soft weak voice say. i look up to see harry looking at me. "omg. your okay." "i dont reall okay, bring me to the hospital please." "ok ill get niall, and harry? why didnt you tell me you had cancer?! i really do care about you and it woldnt of changed anything." " i didnt want you to act diffrent, i love you for you, and if you knew you would of act diffrent." " i wuoldnt, i wont, but this is big harry, you could die any second. and i can lose you, your the only person alive that i love. ill be right back im gonna get niall". i gave him a hug, and when i gave him a hug, i felt something, something i never felt for him before. and i think he felt it to, because, we looked at eachother in the eyes, it felt so, so loving, like this was the last moment in the world, like nothing else mattered but this moment, i felt my body moving in closer. finally i felt his soft smooth lips hit lock on to mine. felling like everything was perfect, i felt him kiss me and i kissed back, when he slowly stopped. i pulled away fast. "NIALL" i yelled out, niall came running in, to see harry still up but barly breathing. "hospital." harry tried to get out. " hospital. now!" i said standing up while niall came over. "here get the car to the front of the hotel" i cought the keys and ran out to get the car, as i was talking out i hurd thousand girls screaming, niall and harry's name. i look back and niall was there with harry in his arms. some where saying that the y where having a bromance. i walk back over to the fans and prov harrys not gay, by kissing him again. some even got a picture of it. niall took the car keys and brought harry to the car. i walked over to the girls and yelled at them. " leave harry alone, there is alot of shit going on in his life. oh and shove narry up your ass'!" i took one of the iphone and threw it on the ground leaving the screan cracked, and on the screan was a picture of niall holding harry. i  walk away when i hear the girls calling me a bitch and that they are gonna call the cops on me. i turn around "go right a head no one is stopping you, but be ready when harry finds out about you BITCH'S hes got my back." they all shut up and walk away giving me a dirty look. i was so pissed off that people just jump to conclutions, harry is NOT gay! i ran to the car where niall had been putting harry in the back. i sat in the back too, with harrys head on my lap. "niall do you have water for him in here?" i asked " yeah right here." i took the water bottle and gave it to harry, he kinda sat up and had some. he put his head back on my lap, he started sweating a bit now. "spenc?" "yeah harry?" "you know i havnt been totaly honsent to you, my whole life." "ik... thank god you write in your diary. now i know the truth on why you dont tell me anything that you keep to yourself." "you read it.?" "kindaa.. but i am glad i did/do. i love you too harry." he looked at me and smiled. i never thought i did, but today when we actually kissed unlike the other day when he did, it felt right. i think i was falling for him, but i did still like liam. but i couldnt lose harry.

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