hell hole

my dad died when i was younger and my mom recently died in a car crash now i live with my stepdad and have scares all over my body from him. i need help, i had no help till i told harry styles.


4. falling down hill

i woke up and looked around. i was in my room. i had no clue how i got here. all i know is that what happend yesterday i looked aroung again, there was blood on the floor. i get up and fall back down, i was to weak to even whisper. my body bagged on the floor again, i was in to much pain. i started seein blurry things. i hurd whispers and talking. i closed my eyes and rested then for a few seconds, i felt someone pick me up. i opened my eyes quickly and saw harry having me in his arms. i pushed my self off of him, "dont touch me!" i tried to scream but nothing really came out. " its okay spencer hes asleep, your gonna be fine with me and the others." harry exclambed and tried to get closer. i moved back and had tears in my eyes at this point, with just enought breath comming out of my mouth before passing out again i said " this is why i didnt tell you, hw would have done worst."


ever since i kissed her, she has been acting strange. i really want to help her with all her troubles and make her more happy like when i see her perfect beautiful amile when shes with me and the other mates. i need to help her but if she does she wont talk to me ever again, she wants to keep me safe. i feel so bad for her, her dad died right in front of her eyes at a young age, it had seem like she was very very close to him, then last night her mom died in her arms, her stepdad beats her to death, and i might die from my cancer. no one know that i have cancer. not even the mates. i cant live like this, how bad will she turn out when i die, if i dont make it throught the sergery? i need to help her make her happy, i told everyone i am going to visit my family back in england but really i am having sergery. i cant stand lying to the one person i love. i picked her up if she liked it or not and brought her to my place.

i went to the hospital and they got started on the sergery to try to take out some cancer and give me meds.by the time i was done i had already woken up. i remeber the doctor saying some thing but i couldnt catch what he was sayin, with the pills he had gave me i instently fell back alseep. i woke back up in a room. i looked around and a doctor came in "hey Mr.Styles. How are you doing?" he asked me looking at his clip bored then back p at me. "im fine, fellin really good actually". i sat up on the bed. " that's great. you will be free once you get your clothes back". "Thank you" i tried to tell him before he closed the door and left the room. not that long after i got all the thins back, i looked at my phone and i have 4 missed calls from Niall, 2 from Louis, 3 from Zayn, and 7 from  Liam. i called niall back thinking he would be with the boys.

"hello? harry? we need your help. its spencer. she snuck out and went back to her house." he said really worried. next thin i know i hear in the back round rob yelling and a window smash. "Omg! ok ill be there soon. im on my way". i  was about to leave when the doctor came back to me. "Harry, i forgot to tell you but you should really rest for now, its really best for now". "But something just popped up i need to do something i cant rest  for this, the girl i am inlove with needs my help"  " just rest for an hour. atless. tell the meds really kick in. harry this is your last treatment."  "wait.. you meant im done. i dont need to have anymore. i dont need to lie to anyone where i am really going.!?" "..." he sayed quiet. "or does it mean everythig is done for me.." "thats why i need you to rest, in a hour the meds will fully be in. and if you dont rest then it could be over today.. you need to stay at home. its up to you to be here or there. and its best if you are here but. if you want to go see your family then thats ok too." "...im gonna die!?". i was almost in tears at this piont. "maybe its a good chance you will, go home and get some sleep. then you will be fine." i walked away with no words. it felt like something was stuck in the trought, was this really gonna happen? was i really gonna die??!! i cant die now, im not ready, i still havnt got that pussy i wanted, that special one in the window at the pet store, i havnt told louis that im not gay for him, and i havnt told spencer i love her. i called niall back " hey ,, um niall, i cant make it for a while. ill see you later on tomiht if i make it. just let her do what she wants for now." i hung up the phone on him and drove to a hotel.

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