hell hole

my dad died when i was younger and my mom recently died in a car crash now i live with my stepdad and have scares all over my body from him. i need help, i had no help till i told harry styles.


2. a week with harry

on the way to harrys house he kept asking the same question and i kept changing the subject. "spencer, just please tell me what you are keeping from me." "i cant, aless not now, jusr please stop asking ill tell you when im ready harry." i was almost in tears at that piont, "fine. but you gotta tell my sooner or later. promis?" "yeahh now shut up and drive." he looked at me and gave a little giggle. " what?" i asked giving him a nudge. "hey watch out im driving!" he made the car shake then winked at me. by the time we got to his house it was 6 am and we couldnt fall back asleep. so we decided to make food. lots and lots of food. and knowing niall, he woke up and eat most of it. "hey boys lets go wake up liam and zayn." i touched harrys hand and then held it to pull him up, i secretly had a hudge crush on him! not because of his famand the fact that he was harry friggin styles! but for him being him, his personality. to make things not awks i grabbed nialls hand too,, i saw harry looking at our hands in shock. he was standing but didnt let go. i slipped my hand out and he was still there with a blank face. looking at his hand. "harry are you okay?" niall asked putting his arm around him. "uh.. yeah.. i..im fine. lets go," he said as he kinda pushed me outta the way not looking at me. "whats with him?" i asked niall as we stayed back. "spenc. you never noticed?" "noticed what?" harry is inlove with you, ever since yuor dad died. why do you think he always been there for you?" ".. can i tell you something? and please promis you wont do anything or say anything about it?" "yeah sure. you can tell me anything" just then when i was gonna tell him about my stepdad and the fact that i love harry too harry came. "you guys coming?" "uh, yeah lets go." niall and i look at eachother and act like nothing happend. we got the boys bed and started jumping on them. yelling, singing, and laughing like crazy. " what the hell are you doing? its 6:30 am!" louis said throughing a pillow at us.

it was the end of the week and harry was driving me back. to my house. right before i went into the house he grabbed my arm. i got scared io squezed my eyes shut. "its ok. are you ready to tell me wahts wrong? you have been wierd the last few weeks. and you have more scares. spencer are you cutting your self again!?" i let out a tear and tell him the truth, "my step dad has been beating me up. my mom doesnt know and im scared for both of us." harry hugged me tight and promis everything will be okay. he then looked me right in the eye and out of no where kissed me. in shock i ran into the house with no words.


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