hell hole

my dad died when i was younger and my mom recently died in a car crash now i live with my stepdad and have scares all over my body from him. i need help, i had no help till i told harry styles.


1. memories of dad

"DAD! DAD! MOM, DAD! HELP HIM HES STILL IN THERE! SOME ONE SAVE HIM!" i was bagging and pleading while firemen had been taking people outy of the burning building. "DAAD!" "spencer its ok hes gonna be ok they will get him out." my tried to convince me. i hurd the chief in the back round yelling to get out and that its gonna burd to the ground. i wanted to go back in there and find dad and help him but in a blink of an eye it was over. he died. the building was already doen in ashes. i woke up with tears in my eyes. screaming. again another night i had dreampt about my fathers death. my mom came running in conforting me holding me and not letting go. "i miss him too" she said lets out her first tear in 5 years. my father died when i was 14 years old. ever since then on every 12 of the month i wake up screaming. that was the day he died, july 12,1999. 2 years after my mom got a new boy friend. rob. he really hates me i dont know why. when my mom is around hes a total dick. then when my mom is around hes all sweet so i never leave her side. for the past 3 years living with him i havescares mt me, and him.from day 1. i want to run away, because of him, but thats what he wants he wants me gone so he can have a new family with my mom. and not having a daughter/step daughter waking up and screaming almost every night. the only place i feel safe is at harrys house. yes harry styles. he is one of my best friends, but no one knows about my stepdad not even him. my mom left the room, and i tried to go back to sleep. i went in her room and said "im going to harrys for the week is that ok?" "yeah hun just shh rob is sleeping." "okay love you byee"

i went into my room packed a little bag and called harry on my iphone, "hello?" he answered. "hey it me... um can i stay at your house for a little? i had the dream and need to get outta the house." "yeah sure.. can you please tell me that secret?" he had kept asking my that i dont know what he is talking about tho. "what secret?" "ill tell you once i get there. bye love you" "love you too see you soon". me and harry had been friends since the fire, he was there when my dad died and every day since, he never left my side. he was like a brother/ best friend. not that long after harry was here. i jumped out of my bedroom window and he cought me. "thank god you wight 2 pounds. and why are you jumping out of your window again?" "its hard to explain right now. c'mon its cold out." i tried to change the subject leading to rob.

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