The Haunted Melody Castle

Swapit Name: billywws


2. Story

Jane was a hotel manager in a huge hotel in London. She walked into a strange house that looked like it is shaped from some kind of fish head statue. All she could see was a bunch of dead tigers and wolves sitting on rusty chairs. One of them had their head chopped off by a possessed potato skull. Jane checked upstairs and there was a creepy dead knight with a huge axe. It posed like it was about to chop something. Suddenly it fell! It almost could of chopped Jane like a dead tree! She just barely dodged it. A thunder rumbled and it revealed a monkey's severed head on the fireplace. It's eyes somehow lit a bloody red colour as if it was alive. Later, everything went dark and Jane ended up in a very dark bedroom. There were a few teddy bears and they had no heads at all. At the next second, a huge monkey with no arms or legs walked into the room. It suddenly ran Jane over like a steamroller.  She was never seen again...

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