Remember My Name

This is the beginning of my new book. This version is just the prologue, the real book will be finished and published sometime in June. That's a while away but it's a long book. Enjoy the beginning.


1. Prologue: Ryanne Claire Horan

 Heavy footsteps were shuffling down the hallway. I closed my eyes and pulled my blanket farther over my head. The footsteps were growing closer. Any second he would barge into my room. A tear rolled down my cheek thinking about what he could possibly do to me this time. But what exactly did I even do to him? Suddenly, the sound of footsteps stopped and turned around and slowly went away from my room. I sighed of relief, and thought about my early life and how peaceful it was back then. My eyes wandered around looking for my iPod. I dragged myself up and made my way over to my desk where it was. I put the neon pink ear buds into my ears and turned on Jack Johnson's song Bubble Toes. I started thinking about my early life again and closed my eyes and leaned by in my cushion chair.


      I remember being back in Ireland, peaceful with my family. My mom was gorgeous with long curly red hair. My brother, that I barely remember, was this cute boy with brown/red hair. I was so close to him, but now I have no clue who he is, or know his name. My dad was always happy back then, but once my mom found another man he went in total rage mode. He took me and left my brother with my mom. I was 4 at the time, but I remember some of it. I remember moving here to London, into this hell hole of a house. Never ever would my dad let me contact my family. The only people I could talk to were him and his whore girlfriend Justice. She was an american model, she had blonde hair, tan skin, and was skinny like a pole. I don't know why she even likes my dad. Justice and my dad team together to make my life horrible, they lock me in my room and give me 1 meal a day. And barely ever is it a real meal. Someday I am going to get out of here and find my real family, my real family who cares about me and doesn't torture me.

    The buzzing my phone woke me up from my day dream, it was Deena (the only other person dad lets me talk to, she is also my BFF). I smiled, "Hi Deena! What's up?" In the background I could hear a popping noise. Probably popcorn, she is absolutly obsessed with popcorn, yet I don't know why. "EEEEK! Ryanne, guess what I got!! Nevermind you would take too long. Ok I got tickets to see One Direction! And backstage passes!" She screeched into the phone so loud I had to move it away from my ear. I rolled my eyes, "Oh my god you are beyond obsessed with them. They are just a boy band." She half coughed half laughed into the phone, "Ryanne, silly girl, they are my bestfriends they just do not know it yet!" I laughed at Deena's obsession over this band. I have never seen them before, I just know their most popular song. Something about being beautiful, I don't know what it's called but it's not my type of music. Deena cackled again, "Wait, I'm obsessed with One Direction huh?! What about your obsession with Linkin Park?!" I sighed, "Deena-" I paused for dramatic affect "I am dedicated. There is a difference you know!" "Then I am dedicated to One Direction. Anyways you are coming with me to the concert. My mom talked to Justice, while they were at a photoshoot and she said it was fine." She excstatically explained to me. Score! Deena's mom is the only one who can get me out of this house, but she didn't know about Justice and my dad being insane. "Oh my god Deena! Yay! I get to get out of this hell hole! But for One direction.. I don't know, I don't really like them.." I said, I could hear Deena groan "Oh my god Ryanne you're coming. I don't care what you think about One Direction you are coming. Now, the concert is tomorrow, sorry I popped it up on you so quickly, but we only just got the tickets this morning. I suggest picking out a hot outfit. The boys of One Direction are mighty fine!" She giggled, probably thinking about them shirtless. "Alright Deena, well I got to go take a shower. Bye bye!" I quickly said before she could jam more One Direction in my head. I pressed the end button and forced myself into the bathroom. I put my iPod into the dock on my counter and She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 came on. Turning it up loudly I began to sing loudly while staring into the mirror. My blonde short straight hair was tangled, my green eyes had bags under them, black mascara was smeared all over, my skin was tan from Justice calling me a pale hobbit. She took me to a tanning salon almost every month. I slowly took off my shirt and looked at my purple and brown bruises over my skin. I took off everything and hopped into the shower before I cried over the bruises. The next song came on, it was Titanium by David Guetta and Sia,and it was my favorite song ever to sing. My voiced boomed over the loud patter of water coming out from the shower.

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