Remember My Name

This is the beginning of my new book. This version is just the prologue, the real book will be finished and published sometime in June. That's a while away but it's a long book. Enjoy the beginning.


2. Continued Prologue

Last night I was not interrupted by my evil dad and his girlfriend. Maybe this One Direction concert is a good thing... My eyes slowly looked around the sun lightened room. The clock read 6:oo in the morning. I could've slept in, ugh. My legs forced myself to get up and walked my still half asleep body to my closet. Bright colors for a concert sounded good. I grabbed my black and purple stripped shirt,  skinny jeans, and some black sparkly Toms. I zombie walked to the bathroom and almost threw up at my reflection, my hear looked like it got sucked by a vaccum, my leftover makeup looked like raccoon markings and I had red spots from shaving my legs. I looked like someone getting their mugshot. Quickly I got makeup remover and got the horror mask off my face, and reapplied a fresh coat of tan foundation, mascara, and smokey eyeshadow. About 1 hour later I finished my fishtail braid, for doing it myself it actually didn't look bad. I admire my outfit in the mirror, not bad at all. I walked out into the hallway, and looked around the hallway. Silent. I tiptoed into Justice and my dads room. Justice had so many bags that I could take one and she wouldn't notice. There was a noise from the bathroom and I quickly grabbed the closest bag to me. ( I ran quietly out the door and into my room to put my things in it. I raced around my room grabbing my phone,money, and extra clothes (just in case). The clock on my wall read 8:00. Deena said she would be here around 8:15 so we could hang out at her house. I jogged down into the kitchen with my things and there was a note. The note read : Dear Ryanne, I have gone out shopping. Justice is home. Don't even think about leaving this house until Justice see's Deena's moms car. And if you don't come home before 10:00 we will punish you -Dad.

Wow how thoughtful. I sighed and rifled through the cuboards before Justice saw me taking food. I came across a ton of granola bars, I took three of them and shoved them into my bag. Right after I stuffed the food into my backpack a horn sounded outside of the house. Justice ran down and gave me the evil look, "Just a second," She opened the door and looked at the car, "Alright Ryanne, get your ass out there. I need to do my makeup." I took a glance at her and one eye was naked and one was caked in makeup.

     *11 hours later at the concert* Tons of screaming girls were surrounding me and Deena, everyone of them were obsessed girls about to cry and faint. I sat down and rubbed my head, I am totally going to get a migraine after this. Deena was standing up screaming and almost in tears reaching for the boys hands. I looked at her and wondered how it would be if I went to a Linkin Park concert with her. It would be the same thing... I stood up and started dancing with her to a catchy song. She widened her eyes and danced with me.

   *Backstage* "ehmagod, ehmagod, ehmagod, ehmagod, ehmgod, ehmagod!" Deena repeated over and over, I slapped her arm and she continued to say it even louder. Tears started forming in her eyes and she fanned herself like she was about to faint. I grabbed her shoulders, "Deena! You are going to be fine. The boys will like you more if you do not fan girl in front of them. Shake it out Deena." I shook her like a ragdoll. She nodded her head, "You're right... and you probably juts gave me a concusion." The sound of feet came from the hallway, I could almost hear Deena's heartbeat. We were in their dressing room, it was awfully comfy in here. "Hello girls." A stong british accent rang through the air. It sounded like Deena's dads accent. My head sprung up to see a boy with amazing eyes and curly brown hair. He smiled and me and I grinned back. I glanced at Deena and she didn't say anything but stared at the boys with her jaw to the ground. I stood up and shook all of their hands, "Hello I am Ryanne, Uhm.. Deena my friend here is kind of... Nervous so... " The one with blonde hair smiled, "Irish accent eh? Nice I'm irish too. My name is Niall." He stared at me with amazing blue eyes I giggled and looked at the ground. What if he knew my family?! Wait... that's not possible but.... worth a try "Hey by any chance do you know a family named Horan?" They all looked at eachother and laughed loudly. The one with dark hair and tan skin spoke up "Love his last name is Horan." his bradford accent was so strong... and sexy. "Oh really?! Do you know an older women about 40 years old, named Alexandra?" I asked impatient to know if he knew my mother. If he knew my mother I would just DIE! He smiled at me, "My mom's name is Alexandra. Why?" I nodded and smiled, "Mine is too! What's your father's name?!" I asked excitedly. He shook his head, "My dad left when I was 4, so I can't help you with that one." Oh my god. The blue eyes, red cute cheeks, brown/blonde hair, Niall. He was Niall James Horan. His eyes widened, "Ryanne...?" I nodded my head and ran up to him and threw my arms around his neck. He started hysterically crying. "Oh my god Ryanne I missed you so much I can not believe this is happening!" I started to cry too. The others looked at us like we just took off our clothes and ran around the room naked. We smiled at eachother, I cleared my throat "Niall James Horan is my brother."

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