You saved me, but when you leave it's gone again

Ally is a 17 year old girl who has had a lot of bad things happen in her life. So much that she can't take it any more and decides to end her misery and jump, but when she is about to leap to her death the boy of her dreams (Sam) pulls her back. What will happen when Ally finds out that Sam has eyes for another girl???

(Even thought the title is from a 1D song and I love 1D it's not about 1D


8. Well that was unexpected

It had been 3weeks since I left home and moved in with Sam Jackson and his family, and every day I was there I felt more and more at home, although there was one thing that made me think twice about calling the Jacksons family, it was, of course.........Sam. Everyday I spent with him I liked him more, he was the person that changed my life around, the person who saved me. I don't know whether or not he likes me though, he flirts with me, but maybe he does with every girl?

"Stop, no more negative thoughts" I said to myself "think positive" these were the words I had to say to myself, so I would snap back to reality. That's when I looked up at the clock on my wall, 12:00 omg I'm late for counseling, Sam forced me to go every once a week, because he was worried that I might get all depressed and leave him. Maybe he really does like me .

After my extra long session I, I headed down to the shops to buy some food, it wasn't a very long walk so I was there in a flash, the center was huge, it had over 200 different stores, no wonder I get lost so easily. Following the signs is the key, I soon found out. As I was walking in the direction of KFC I was startled by a tap on the shoulder, I quickly turned around to see my best friend from high school, in which I had completely ditch suddenly.

Ally? I thought you were supposed to be in London ? She questioned.

Oh, I have been meaning to talk to you. I stated.

I'm listening. She implied.

Well, ( that's when I did some thins I never thought I would do, confront someone with my problems, I told her everything)

I'm so sorry . She replied. But this time you won't keep all of this from me. And we will be friends again?

Of course. I missed you . I answered

We then swapped numbers and said our good byes, I ate some food and then headed home.

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