You saved me, but when you leave it's gone again

Ally is a 17 year old girl who has had a lot of bad things happen in her life. So much that she can't take it any more and decides to end her misery and jump, but when she is about to leap to her death the boy of her dreams (Sam) pulls her back. What will happen when Ally finds out that Sam has eyes for another girl???

(Even thought the title is from a 1D song and I love 1D it's not about 1D


16. Thanks for caring

I woke up thinking about Kiarra and Sam, what was going on between them, wait wait positive thoughts, they are close friends, very close friends who spend a lot of time together. Nothing to worry about. Sam loves you, he said it himself, and Kiarra is your best friend she would never do that to you.

As I slowly got out of bed i popped my bunny warm slippers on. I walked downstairs and grabbed my food and ran back upstairs, completely ignoring Sam. After eating I decided to do the only thing that would make me happy SHOPPINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got dressed and left a soon as I could, I then headed to the shops, I went store to store spending the money I had earned at grilled. 

I ha just left sportsgirl and I was on my way to dotti when I saw her, my mother with her, i guess, new boyfriend. I quickly ran into toys are us, thinking that would be the safest place, when she grabbed the hand of a 1 year old and pulled him into the store with her. 

"Ally?" she jumped as she saw me. 

"Hi" I smiled nervously back at her.

"I thought you had been murdered, the front door was wide open and there was blood all over your bed, what happened?" she looked confused.

"Well you were too busy with all of your boyfriends and dad died, i had no one left. I ran to commit suicide but i was stopped by Sam, I'm living with him now." i really hope she won't take me back.

"but why didn't you call the police if you thought I had been murdered" i questioned her.

"You were out of my way." she shrugged.

"Thanks mum, thanks for caring so much" I ran away crying 


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